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    i dreamnt i was bush walking and i looked to my right and i saw this rather large black snake slither up the tree. then i look down and i see another big black snake slithering next to my feet and i was with my dad i think and i told him just to stand still. i cant remember exactly what happened next, but i just remember seeing all these different types of snakes everywhere and then i somehow fell onto the ground and one of the snakes bit me on the finger. the next thing i realise i am in some lady's house and shes trying to treat my bite and then she says; "the big snake that slithered at your feet only comes to people who are special" so only certain people have that snake come to them... i actually woke up feeling a bit nauseous because of the 'snake venom'. it was a weird dream, and i just wondered what all those snakes meant... its not the first time ive dreamnt of them...

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    This dream will have two meanings depending on your gender. But again the colours tell me that you are emotionally not “happy” and this can be due to work, school, family and friends. To a degree this dream is telling you that someone will have a bad influence on you. This influence will affect your personality and decision-making negatively, so beware of temptations at this point in time.

    Things to look out for will start with alcohol, narcotics and sex. Sorry to be so blunt but seriously someone is looking to hurt you in the worst possible way. Also keep your finances close and personal because it may also be a possible target.

    Good luck stay strong and believe in yourself.
    To free your mind is to free your dreams.

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    Default Re: the snake dream

    You might have been a very powerful person in a past life. If you're a girl, then you sound like Cleopatra who's been rumored to have died at the bite of an asp. If you're a man, you might have been Marc Antony. Either way, you might benefit from visiting an Egyptian museum or reading up on history.
    If I have odd dreams, I often explore past lives and try to see the connections as best as I can. Thanks for sharing.
    PS The snake may represent also your hidden passion and subconscious desires which you feel may tear you apart. You may be in love with someone, but want you head to rule over your heart. You are better off following your heart in the long run. It's a catch 22, of sorts.

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    Hello, immabe123.

    It maybe the point of the dream, pointing out something special about yourself. It may be something your doing, or going to do that stands out from everyone else.

    For the most part our desires to stand out from everyone else can bring about a dream like that, not that we are not special. Then for the most part there isnt anything really special about any of us, because we are pretty much identical to each other. All men share genetically the same personality, and if we are critical of someone else, it normally because of how they do things, so basically any differance boils down to our body types and choices. Then all women share a identical personality too, but not the same as a mans, because their purpose is different.

    In order for anyone to be special they would have to think in such a way to get around everyone being critical over how other people do things. Kind of like the constitution of the united states gets around this. So there are things that benifite everyone without being critical about them. But like good ideas there are also bad ones that take advantage of everyone like paper money and loans, which makes everyone worthless through failure, when Gold and Silver are our money when we save it up to buy things according to section one article ten.

    Most of the time when we want to make ourselves become someone special its because of the efforts we put into what we are doing, be that a good thing or not. But the main differance in what we do, being if its for ourselves or for everyone. Then even that can be confusing when looking at others who are trying to be someone special, but is what they are worth. I can have a pocket full of gold, but it doesnt make me someone specail. What makes people special is what works for everyone and not just for themselves, and to be able to govern what others do without taking their rights as individuals away, but at the same time not hurting everyone else by doing that. so everything boils down to trade value between people and what they need, not so much what they want. Worthless is worthless, and just because someone is trying to tell me something has value, it doesnt mean it does. I can accept a dollor as money, but its value is only a few cents, not even worth the effort it took to print it.

    When i sell a house i have to wait on the bank, who decides if a person can pay a loan, meaning their really worthless and have no value. But if someone has a pocket full of gold and offers me full payment, they get the house. Its a equal trade, while loaned money even looses value durring the transaction. Just as examples of becoming special, and whats special and who is special.

    Real value only comes when someone invests in themselves, and what they do so they can offer everyone something they like. Working for someone else even looses value in money because of inflation, while the employers wont give raises to compensate for the loss. Why everyone is having so many problems right now. Real value comes when you offer something someone wants and they can pay for it on the spot with something of equal value. The special part comes from the example of this, when people realize they have been dupt because of how things are, in order to make themselves look specail, and all the while robbing you of what you should have.

    Being specail is the proper example of what to do, in order to show everyone whats wrong with what theyre doing. It can work in reverse, learning what not to do because of what someone did. But there isnt to many examples out there for what to do.

    A man should save his money in gold or silver. Buy a house and what he needs while devolping a good talent or skill others can buy into. A women should wait to be married to a man who has done this, before having a family. When the man gets older and dies, he should give his things to his oldest son, to watch over the family. This is the example that solves every problem today. We dont give our liftimes work to a family member to squnder, if they havent done anything with themselves. Things are given to those who can take care of it. The rich do things differentley than regular people because they know better. If you pay someone to do something for you, it should be to make you more money than your paying them. If theyre stuck in servitude its because they havent seen the example or there is something wrong with their thinking, they will have to come to terms with. Give your money to the wrong person, and you have nothing.

    Your dream can be explained in many ways, though their probley in any version most likely right. The snake biting you would be like a new knolege of something spiritual. I had heard one version that the snake guards the tree, and the knowlege of it. While the tree is the family line. To be bitten by the snake is to pass to the tree, because the snake is gurding its secrets that your not supposed to know, and now thinks you to be dead. The only way to get to the tree is to have a power greater than the snake. The interpreter of the dream would give you the power to overcome the snake because you wont be able to pass to the tree. In other words you wake up unable to continue because the real answers are in real life.

    The lost knowlege of times gone by, lost because of what everyone is following now. The trickster, the snake. His job is to make everyone forget the real reason we exist. I could go on and on, and never be able to get everything on here, but have to stop.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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