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    Default dream of marrying my best friend, could someone help please? :(

    well he's been my friend for 3 years, my best friend for a year, and over this summer we've become really close. And last night, I had a dream that we were getting married. And when it came to the part where the vicar goes "do you take this man to be your husband" or whatever, all these pictures flashed by in my mind, starting from when we made friends when we were 11, and ending when we were an old couple.
    I did like him alot about 2 years ago, but now I don't feel that way, and i really don't know what this means, could someone help me please?

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    I'm not expert so you may want to research this, but it may be left overs from the way you used to feel for him that caused you to dream of marrying him. Maybe your subconscious still feels the same way for him and your conscious self doesn't see it?
    Or it could be your mind telling you of feelings that he may hold for you. Perhaps he wishes to marry you and hasn't been able to ask?
    Try looking for body language next time you see him. This could clue you in on whether he's in love or not.

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    Default Question your future?

    Are you in a relationship with someone now? Of course I am not an expert, but this makes me wonder if your mind is saying the friend is a safe backup in case your relationship with your current or future boyfriend falls through. I was in a relationship in high school where I always questioned his loyalty (which had good reason because he was the type to flirt with every girl when I wasn't around). So I cared alot about it, but didn't feel secure the relationship would last, even tho he constantly told me all they love hype. But gut told me different.

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