I was jolted awake by my dream this morning and I am still quite unsettled by it. I dreamed my nephew (15 years old) was patching a very small hole next to his mother's house. The hole was nothing more than a little dip in the grass. As I told him to tap on the hole a little to pack it down, he did so and stepped back. The little mound that he made just fell right in and then a bigger spot just sank right in and he started to take a step back again and was suddenly pulled right into the ground. It was very quickly and with great force. I grabbed a rake and jumped to the side of the hole. The hole had now become a large hole full of very thick mud. I was basically "stirring" around in the part of the hole he was pulled into and I could feel the thickness of the mud against my rake but I could not feel my nephew. I got the feeling that he was deeper than the reach of my rake. I was screaming for his younger sister to call 911 but she was just standing behind me frozen. I was afraid to leave the hole but knew someone needed to call for help and I felt very helpless. At this point I woke up.

FYI, called my nephew and he is fine. I would appreciate any ideas you have about this. I'm new to this board but I hope to return the favor.