My dream last night was bothering me too much. I am thinking what message does it want to relay. All i can remember in my dream is that i am in a wide road standing. Then, i suddenly saw 2 empty burial vault, one is on the left side of the road and the other one is on the right side of the road. I am confuse why i saw that burial vault there, where in fact i am not in a cemetery. A few minutes after, i saw the coffin its already inside the burial vault. It is painted with white and i can eventually say a very nice coffin. Then, I saw too many flowers at the top of the burial vault. And, there is one man in a black tuxedo instructing the crew what to do.He suddenly noticed me far from him and he get his phone and call someone. Seems that he is contacting someone to catch me. So, i was thinking that he was doing bad that he don't want anybody to witness who they buried there. Then i, turn left and saw another coffin inside the burial vault. The coffin looks the same. But, this time i only saw few flowers. After that, my uncle arrives in a motorcycle. He told me to ride right away. I should not stay there for long. So, I got nervous. Then, we were about to meet the contacts of the man. Maybe just a few meters away. They were in a van. It was already late in the afternoon. Seems that the road started to get dark. When we noticed it, we turn right, right away. Even if its not a road, we go there and climb up the mountain with the motorcycle. The man's contact saw us and is chasing us. Then, when we reach at the top there are too many houses. At first, we don't know any of them but we still get in there house to hide. All people were confuse of us but they still allow us to get in there house. We transfer from one house to another. Few minutes after, i saw my uncle talking to someone in the house. She is a girl but i don't know who she is. I cant figure out her face too. Seems like she is one of our neighbor. And, we know from her that there is a current news spreading 2 man were killed and missing. It suddenly came in my mind that the person that was buried was probably the man that was missing and thats why that man in black tuxedo wants to catch us because we were able to witness when they buried it. Then, i walk up and realize that it was only a dream.

Any idea what does my dream mean? I have been dreaming bad lately.