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    Default 1st time posting-disturbed and seeking guidance on molars falling out

    I wish to introduce myself and express appreciation to everyone who reads my post and to thank everyone who responds to it - while I am a unsure of all of this, I am perturbed enough about a dream to inquire.

    I have tried searching on dream interpretation about teeth falling out but haven’t found anything that connects with me.

    I will be very transparent in that I registered with a user name I typically reserve with very conservative pursuits. I am only including this to give a bit of background of who I am and the weighting of my dream which I found disturbing and am hoping to find some semblance of reasoning.

    I usually sleep alone and with little disturbance and have little to no dream remembrance when sleeping by myself. When sleeping with my partner (we live in different houses) I tend to have vivid dreams – while vivid, they do not cause me to worry. However last night it was very different and around 5am I tried expressing my anxiety and dream in a half awake/stupor which dissipated by the time I awoke and only became clearer as the day progressed.

    This is where I am hoping someone can help.

    I dreamt that I kept losing one molar soon after another (it was specifically the back molar teeth as I saw the distinct shape). The thing that I remember most is that losing the molars was very stressful, but over and above that was the anxiety I felt about having to reach a deadline before all my molars fell out. At the point where I spit in my hand and I saw that 4 molars were there, I remember thinking in my dream, “... sh!t, this is happening too fast and I need to figure it out.” Okay, now the problem is that I have no idea what the “it” is? I felt anxiety like I was racing against the clock but don’t know what the end goal is/should be.

    At that point I was left confused and tempted to dismiss it as a weird dream...but now I wouldn’t be writing this if I was completely convinced.

    Any insight is appreciated...

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    I have had these dreams as well. Right down to freaking out about needing to be somewhere but my teeth kept falling out.
    Check out this link...
    Dream Moods: Common Dreams: Falling Teeth

    I also found this:
    "To dream about your wisdom teeth, indicates new or emerging knowledge. You are learning something new about yourself. Alternatively, the dream may be telling you to act more smartly about a situation. Make sure to think things through clearly."
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