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    Question Dream or Out of Body Experience?

    So, one night when I was young I was lying in my bed not really thinking about anything. I started to black out a little, not like I was falling asleep but more like I was zoning out. When I zoned back in, I was floating about 2 feet above my body. Instead of being in pajamas, I was in a long blue dress. I stared down at my sleeping body for a few minutes then moved to the foot of the bed. I moved closer to the ground, but I wasn't actually on the ground...I was levitating. I left my room, walked through my house until I reached the balcony. I went outside and it was very windy. I hovered above the ledge and slowly leaned forward until I fell over. The balcony was not that far above the ground, but I fell for a long time. I wasn't scared and I knew exactly what I was doing. I kept falling, and then it ended. I didn't hit the ground or anything. The experience just ended. The strange thing is that I did not wake up immediately after the experience. I just "zoned in" to my regular body the next morning.

    The experience didn't feel like a dream...more like a distant memory. Also the version of me in the blue dress didn't really feel like me. She was more like a hardened, more mature version of myself, and she looked at my sleeping body with a strange expression almost like contempt. What could this experience mean?

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    Default Re: your levitation dream

    Okay, I have two things to tell you:
    1. You aren't alone. I had a similar dream of flying through walls with angels feet first and their message to me was "things are not as they appear" (at least behind closed doors). I guess I always thoughts angels flew with their hands ahead of there was a situation in my life at the time, when I needed to open my mind and not see things in black and white.
    2. I once played with a bunch of girls my age and we all started saying, "light as a feather, stiff as a board" as we put our fingertips below one girl and she literally floated in the air and we weren't really lifting her. It made me believe that women share a sisterhood...a similar thing happened in college, when me and my roommates all got our menstrual periods at the same time.

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    hi loolu
    i would say that you were having an Out of Body Experience or Astral Projection and it wasn't a dream
    seems like your astral body accidentally projected out of your body while you're sleeping, i have some friends who can do this in purpose

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