I was on a cruise ship with a bunch of people that I know from present and past and we were all going from room to room and just having fun, taking pictures etc. Then it switches to me hanging out with one of my ex husbands buddies and his girlfriend (I do not know this woman) and after a while, I go down the hall to my boyfriends room and we are laughing and talking and enjoying each others company. Then we realize my ex husband is on the same ship and that his room is across from our (I assume it was our) cabin. We then tip toe to go towards his room door and at the same time, it happens to open. When it opens, we jump & 2 men come out without their shirts on & then my ex husband appears & he also has on no shirt & has his pants open around the waist. My boyfriend & I then look at each other and run back to our cabin laughing.

The dream then switches and my boyfriend and I are walking around the ship window shopping and occassionally running into other people we know. Then we end up near the dining area of the ship meeting up with our other family members and friends and then I wake up. Have no clue what any of this means if anything at all. I do not see my ex husband except for maybe twice a year (if that) and I do not have any communication with him unless I bump into him.