Please help if you can ! I have had a boyfriend for almost 10 years it was a love from the first sight! He cheated behind my back. I found out about it after his wedding (forced because of the coming child). I just did not care even a bit, I said I move on and I completely wiped him off from my mind. ( firstly we did not see each other for the last 3 years at the end of our relationship much often so it was not so difficult) After his wedding I still got the text messages for my birthday and xmas.( I have not seen him for a 7 years now) once Even when I got drunk I called him but after I regret it because He wanted to see me or sth and he was missing me blah blah. he stopped texting me when we had a fight about gossiping about my person! I just forgot ! but since three years he came to my dreams ( I got two kids with the other guy and we are together ) Am I still in love my ex boyfriend! Now Why ??? because since they started I kind of missing him!I am having a dreams about him, us together almost every week . Sometimes i am seeing him and his wife is there, behaving like he belongs to her! mostly He is coming to me and saying that he will always love me!some of my Dreams are strange because I dream about sth and suddenly he is somewhere around and then vanishing. Sometimes I dream only about him! My head is full of thoughts why he started to come to my dreams and telling me all this things maybe he just gave up and that is why ! my new relationship is not the same ! help guys! I just wonder why he started to appear in my dreams and not givng me rest !