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    Question angels & demons.war

    Last christmas i was up visiting family in Townsville. While driving down the road i fell into this kind of, hypnotic dream state, i guess. Everything that i dreamt of felt so real.

    It's 2012 (oh no). Driving in the car down the highway when suddenly a bright light falls from the sky and lands in the middle of the road. My mother stops the car and we hop out to see what it was. In the middle of the road is a deep hole. Everyone is quiet. Suddenly the light shoots back up from the ground and im hit with a strong force. Im thrown to the ground in a daze. A few seconds later i stand up and notice im surrounded by a gold mist. There are four other teenagers in the crowd who are surrounded by this gold mist. SUddenly we a pulled up into the air, a few stories above the ground. The four other teenagers surround me and a deep voice comes from inside of me. It talks about a war soon coming. Then the gold mist explodes from us and travels all around the world. We are then thrown back onto the ground. We dont know what just happened. A man comes out of the crowd says he is a priest and we must be sent to Rome to the vatican. So the five of us are taken from our families and taken to the vatican. Nobody will tell us what is going on and after spending a few days there we decide to make an escape. (note: i remember walking down the halls of this remarkable building and seeing all of the engravings on pillars and such. it all seemed so real). We run out and disappear into town. We keep running and end up eventually in a forest somewhere. That is where we discover we have powers. A girl with brown curly hair controls the water element, a asian looiking girl controls air, a dark skinned boy controls earth and another caucasian boy controls fire. I dont know what i can do, but when the fire boy cuts himself, i am able to heal him. We can all talk to animals and nature. We try to find a way to get home. On our journey, we come across a motel and decide to sleep there for the night. I decided to go for a walk to process everything. While walking i am suddenly attacked by an invisible force. My arms and face start getting cuts on them and something knocks me to the ground. Suddenly my eyes turn gold and i am able to see what is attacking me, demons. I feel this power inside of me and i can hear a voice teling me what moves to make. Suddenly the other 4 people are with me, all with gold eyes. We manage to get rid of the demons and decide its best to leave town. I forget the rest except for when we are all standing ontop of this hill near the sea. We shoot up into the sky again and the voice comes out from me saying "prepare". The sky suddenly opens up and i am looking at space. So many colours of galaxies and stars, it looked like i was staring into heaven. These things come out and i realize they are angels. From beneath me the ground opens up and all these demonic winged creatures come up. They fly into the sky and then the war begins. I watch as black and white fight, hear beautiful screams and terrible ones. This large black figure appears from the hell. Its in the shape of a man, but has no real...form. The 4 teenagers explode and turn into a golod mist which enters my body. I then grow and turn into a gold mist, matching like the black one. We fight. Every blow bursts into stars, and bright lights. It truly is a spectacular sight. Im about to give up when i hear the deep voice again. "keep trying". i dont see the point. i know im going to lose. im useless. im nothing. the voice says,"you are not going to lose, you are strong, you are not useless, you are my vessel, you are destined for so much more in this life, you are my daughter, you are my son". I find the strength and manage to get rid of this black smoke, it retreats along with the demonic creatures. The sky closes up and i return back to the ground. The gold mist exits out of me and turns into the 4 other teenagers again. There is something different about us now. We have this sparkle. We know we are destined for great things. And the Lord is on our side.

    Then i snapped out of it, and was like "oh wow".

    any thoughts? it would be really helpful? thanks.

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    that dream is true you are really going through battles, and like the dream said keep trying.i have the gift of healing for real. people get healed instantly know matter what the problem.ive had this gift along time;god had to show me and he still continues to show me his power in me.he needed me so he had to build my faith.i put an x in the air on the floor .little did i know that this man with a hurt back would croos this path minutes later he he leeped 10 feet an was heal instantly.that was the first time, that i can remember seeing the far i dont have a crowd chasing me.but neither do i want one.i just listen to god spirit. he is very creative and i do what he says.he has his reasons for what he does.let me just say this;he uses people who recognizes him who have been through alot,and are sincer.seems like you may be a prophet.ask god to tune you into his frequency with clarity;and he should here from the lord on this can go directly to his thrown 24/7. just depend on god alittle more than man and he will tell you whom you can trust.the one's whom you can trust will follow you,and not try to manipulate you in following them must weigh everything you hear from man;but you can always depend on gods voice and word. [be impower not by man but only by the honorable spirit of the almighty]the world can't give you happiness,and they definitly shouldn't be able to take it creative and walk by faith alone.not by circumstances or situations.[not by sight]once you see it in the spirit you will see it in the flesh.because what you seek is already there.amen
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    Default wow

    this is completely irrelevant 1.That would make an awesome book! 2. Have you watched avatar the last airbender because it reminds me of your dream! Especially the glowing eyes the avatar in the series eyes glow when it gives control to the spirits to fight for him and there is a girl with brown curly hair who controls the water element called 'katara' maybe if you've seen in your brain is remebering and processing it in a way special to you. I am new to this though your first answer sounds a lot betyer than mine

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