hi all, ive been practicing lucid dreaming for a while now. i have a dream journal, im taking vitamin b6 every day, i and i have triggers that help me realize im in the dream. ive been reading a lot on the subject.

well anyway, last night i found myself walking around my house and realized "this isn't my house, im dreaming!" and explored the dream further. i even used techniques ive read to prolong the lucidity and not wake up, i made objects float, i flew, i created art. it was truly a wonderful experience.

but there is one thing i couldn't do, talk to others. there were other people in my dream that i couldn't come in contact with, they would sort of fade away if i closely focused on them or tried to touch them. does anyone know why that is? because i can remember having non lucid dreams in which i had conversations with people, why is it different when im lucid?