Greetings all. It's been a while since I've been here although I lurk from time to time. I've been awake too long to remember all of my dream from last night but I thought I'd throw out a couple things that seemed significant.

I was in a Target store, entering the store through the checkout lines instead of the regular entrance. I was trying to use an aisle that was clear, but the store had placed items in the closed aisle to prevent people from using them. I was still trying to squeeze through, until I realized I could walk another way. Weird.

Inside the store, I'm walking down the main aisle and an employee far down the other end of the store is holding together several rolled up carpets. But they are HUGE, like standing more than 20 feet tall. Before I get any closer, he drops one. It makes a big whoosh. I think it's clearly an accident and keep walking toward him. He drops another one, so I speed up to get past him, and he looks right at me and releases the last one. I'm thinking there's no way this thing is going to fall on me, I am almost right beside him. It drops forward and quickly rolls toward me, so I had to run to escape being hit by the rolling carpet.

Any insight?