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    Default Message from God?

    Hi I had a strange yet very realistic dream. The dream i had was divied in 3 sequences or events.

    The 1:st Event was I stand in food queue in a huge building that looks like a school after that we take seat I and one other a friend of mine in school. The strange thing is I only see him in the dream but i remember the building is huge. After while a broad stair appears it seems it leads down to the basement or something but i didn't saw it until now and 3 guys walks up this stair and my buddy says something. Oh not them Nerds. I remember smiling dhont ask me... Anyway they take seat and my Buddy seems to know them very well but i have never seen them nor heard about them. I remember how they look like they had fair hair and the leader had such intense blue eyes i've never seen before. and the other guy wore glasses and the third one i dhont remember at all just that they where 3 of them. Then the leader took up an ancient knife used in dark cermonies. The knife was very narrow and had strange marks on it. And it glowed red in metalish manor, then my buddy and them talked but i felt left out i dhont remember the words just it was something i didn't like so I left the table and the presence became cold and they didn't smile any longer. End of event 1

    Event 2 I'm running on a expressway but there is no cars at all driving however i can see two cars standing near the left edge from my point of wiew. After me are those that joined us at dinner and it seems they want to kill me just that if they catch me they will use that knife to kill me. suddenly a low hill became visible and i run upward that hill and my chasers have lost tracking me. Just when i get up that hill i Woke up for a couple of seconds and notice that my heart is beating as never done before it's like if i had runed a marathon or something. I slumbers back to sleep and i dhont if it's a new dream or event 3.

    Event 3 I run down the hill down to a lake or sea and when i stand near the water and look up at the sky there is nothing but just black no moon no stars just black. So i turn around and the hills have changed it now lies far far away and i see snakes or serpents in sand crawling and i can feel their hated against me so start to run but it feels that i'm traped here with all these snakes and serpents so i run to a tree to find some covers on all the snakes crawling on the sand. what I dhont know is that there is big snake living in that tree so when i've got up there the snake is about to bite but at that moment my Dad wakes me or I dhont remember more hard to tell if that was the last thing i dreamed but that's all i remember.

    This dream felt so real and it seemed to be divided in three parts.
    Maybe God will tell me and all others that read this something? In the Bible u can read that in end times ur friends shall be enemys not all but some are likely gonna be that. But the event 3 is really strange was that some sort of vision of Hell with the tree and snakes? I mean in the first moses u can read how the snake(Devil) tempts Ewa to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. And how Sin enters world and are all humans burden.

    Yes i'm a fellow Christian and i pray and still, that he will open my eys and ears and give me intellect. So no eartly things can lead me away from the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Just wanted to share it with you hope u'd understand it cos my english is not my 1st language.

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    Hello, Stoffe.

    Food is normally knowlege, and places like the kitchens are places to learn, that might explain it looking like a school. The three boys might represent the Father, son and Holy Spirit, the one with the blue eyes could be Jesus. The knife for dark ceremony is the truth of God, because no one can get that kind of kowlege without facing death, just like no one can hear God without death. So we would face death, because death doesnt want us to know, and have to be rescued by God.

    A highway is the direction you are traveling in life, cars are what you need to do thing, so parked cars are thing you put to the side. Normally there is a hill, and darkness, finding God, because the truth is hidden by evil. Finding water is a good thing, because thats spiritual for the Holy Spirit, and how God see' what we are doing.

    The tree basically is where the forgotten knowlege was left, and is always gaurded by a snake, that kills. The sand is the place of the demons, that drive us by our desires, its the opposite of the icey place where we find something that leads us to God. But the good thing was that the snake didnt bite you, and you woke up. It instead followed you out of the dream to me. That because its always curious as to what God may have meant by what he showed you.

    Most likley those around you spiritually do not know how things work, and things are not always as people teach them about God. There are a lot of people out there who were never shown by God anything, but yet they are the first to know, and tell you what to do. People normally dont know to ask God or ask God for someone who does know the truth. They dont know God.

    If you pray and ask God and dont waver in what you ask, and believe he is there, he will show you. If you already did that, then he would lead you to someone like myself. If anyone were to look for someone who might know God there are things to look for in a person. One thing would be a spiritual person who has been close to God all their life, not just after conversion. Another thing is they would learn from God first not knowing what they do is in the bible. Also they would have the same experiances as people in the bible, not just a few new ones. For the most part thats what people are supposed to look for, but many are dupped from those who make it look that way. The real deal will know from experaince.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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