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    Default Caught in the middle

    Recently I've been having a few problems in the emotional department.
    I had a lover (we'll call her V) with whom I was deeply in love with and still am. She loved me too but life happened and she's been emotionally scarred. About a month ago or more, she finally told me she wasn't interested in having a relationship at this time (with me or anyone else) but still loved me. I know she's deeply confused and scared and so I finally backed off to give her space no matter how much it hurt. I almost killed myself over her at the time...

    Recently however I have been developping feelings for an other girl (we'll call her W). I've know her for almost as long as V and always liked her very much. But recently we've been getting closer and my feelings for her a growing. I've been ridden with guilt because of it, since I feel deeply loyal to to V. And W knows about the first one and is actually also in an ambiguous affair like me (with a man though). V knows that W and I are friends however she doesn't know about my feelings for W.

    W has expressed interest in me at more or less the same level as I did in her while V keeps sending mixed signals. In fact the day before I had the dream I'm about to tell, she said some very sweet things that threw me off completely and made me feel even worse about the situation.

    So I've been deeply torn. Yesterday while taking a nap however I had one of the most bizarre dreams: In my dream I was at my computer when V came online on Skype. She immediately started to say things like "I knew it! I always knew something wasn't right about W!" and started slandering her. Then she sent me picture files and video links. In the pictures and videos a girl was doing some rather disturbing sexual things and spoke in German (W's native language). V insisted that the girl in the pictures and videos was W. I however was skeptical. The girl indeed looked like W but also looked different.

    I remember thinking V was probably mistaken but I also began to wonder how I would feel if the girl was indeed W. I also felt bizarrely as if V was trying to "sabottage" (this was the word that kept coming to mind) W. Unfortunately before I was able to ponder anymore in my dream-like state or see if something else was happened I was brutally pulled from my sleep by a cellphone call.

    I really could use some insight :(

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    No one? I could really use some help here...

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