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    Default Dream about exboyfriend

    I was with my ex boyfriend for over 5 years...he cheated on me and broke my heart. Now he's in a long distance relationship with an older woman...Last night I had a bizarre dream that my ex boyfriend was dating my older sister....but he continually kept asking my sister in the dream about me and when they went out she should bring me along. The one night I met up with them at his house and my ex boyfriend was really angry. He gave me the cold shoulder the entire evening and kept wondering why did he wanted me to hang out with them. We had some sort of discussion (I don't remember about what) and then we got back together and he ditched my which I felt really guilty. What does this dream mean?
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    Hello Moving,

    It never ceases to amaze me how one can be in love for such a lengthy period only to leave a once true love without, seemingly, a care for the pain they may cause. If there is any justice, there will be an especially cold, lonely place in the afterlife reserved just for them. Nevertheless, your dream may suggest you belief than the older woman is merely a mature version of you (sister imagery). Eventually, as your dream suggests, he will realize his error and that a youthful version of you is his true desire. This is not a suggestion that he will return to you or that you should take him back. This is just to say that he will eventually realize his mistake. I hope this helps.
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