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    Default dreams w/ a lot of guns?

    i had a dream, kind of uncleas about what happened, but what i can remember of my dream is that....i was w/ my littlew cousins they got a call about some gangs going to do some shoot outs w/ other gangs, so they basically teamed up to get rid of 1 gang unit. well the gang lived at the same apartments were my brothers and cousins lived so we tried to rush there in my car to get to them to warn them to get the heck out of that area.

    it's weird cause my dreams like that usually have bad settings or things like that..not this time grass was green, apartments were really high in the sky and expensive looking.nice cars i think it was kind of cloudy though.

    but when we got there the piloce where there already and already in line and knew about it! so police were in line ready to go guns pointed out all in a line. and then the gangs got there and we all was in shock. like the gangs just planned this how could they know already. well the other gang that lived in the building came outside shocked to see the police and other gangs. they were all squared off and the gangs that planned started shooting, while i am walking in the middle of it and i hear gun shots firing from the gang that lives in the apartments so i hit the ground crawling to safety. nothing hit me though no ne got shot or anything gun shots stopped after couple, so i got up and walked away going to my car. i do not remember after that....

    please help what does this mean??

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    This may be a dream of distress.Hearing the sound of a gun means loss of
    employment and bad management to proprietors of establishments.
    To see shooting indicates disagreements between couples.If you shoot someone,you will fall into dishonor.
    For a woman to dream of shooting means she may gain a bad reputation
    due to immorality.For a married woman,it means unhappiness through other

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