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Thread: Car accidents

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    It's hard to find learning when your unable to understand
    Its hard but isn’t that what learning is all about, if you already understood what would you have to learn?

    You say you are unable, yet you are aware that you do not understand. (For many that takes a life time to learn) – Socrates "The only real wisdom is knowing you know nothing"

    The word “unable” is not helpful; it is enough to say you do not understand. (that you can ask these questions shows you are able.)

    I truly believe that the questions are more important than the answers. It seems in your case the questions have become a source of frustration instead of a neutral reality or gift.

    In frustration we are actually fighting ourselves as frustration is filled with judgments about ourselves, others and the question itself, most of which are unhelpful and serve only to distract us. (in that sense the dreams are asking you to stop fighting as its geting in your way but they don't want you to stop "driving"! In the last dream, after the crash you end up in the driver seat!
    my dreams are possibly telling me that what I’m trying to learn is wrong and to stop.
    It is extremely unlikely that your dreams are telling you to stop trying to learn. It is far more likely that they are trying to point you in the right direction, what your inner conflict is about.

    Your “accidents” happen in a “crossroads” a point of decision of selecting a direction. From your comments it seems you are in a place in life were you are questioning who you are and where you want to go. (not choosing is also a choice either way you are on a road)

    In the dreams you crash into other vehicles, in effect others people’s views on how to move through life – in my opinion this is a good place start. Is it possible you have tried to live the life others expect of you but that somehow doesn’t feel right to you? Do you try to please everyone but yourself? (There is no need for judgment of good or bad here, just and awareness of what the possibilities may be)

    The dreams aren’t about literally crashing, though we can create what we fear so be careful, but merely point out that you’re in place of choice and that there is an inner conflict between your needs and social expectations that you need to deal with.

    Everything is a battle that one day gets closer to coming true and a reality for me but it feels like life is trying to tell me to stop fighting for it cause it’s never going to be what I truly want.
    This is a victim, helplessness statement – you must give up because it’s never going to be what I truly want. Not helpful. It is possible that you’re fighting the wrong thing, it seems to me that your fighting yourself of which helplessness and frustration is a sign, and in that sense the dreams do want you to stop. This type of thinking is not helpful.

    You also note that it’s never going to be what you truly want. But what is “it”?

    ‘Never going to be what you truly want’ is such a generalized statement that it creates a hole without a bottom. All you can do with such a statement is fall and fall and fall.

    For me, and I suspect most of us, the question “what do I want” has always been the most troublesome. Sometimes… most of the time… I don’t know what I want. That can be a souse of frustration, which is often is, but that just gets in my way. Or it can just be a question that opens me up to discovery and leanring. Of course I have to be willing to crash, make mistakes, but it’s from those mistakes that I will learn what works best for me. And there will be successes along the way!

    Sure you can stop fighting by stopping to drive or you can stop fighting being afraid of not knowing.
    In your dreams sure you crash, who doesn’t, life can be hard, but the crash in your dreams isn’t the end of the story. - You end up in the drivers seat!

    How do you distinguish what is truly right for you, and what you feel is right for you?
    Good question!

    There is a disconnect in the question, like there is two of you, two teams fighting it out – “what is truly right for you” verses “what you feel is right for you”

    Wouldn’t they be the same thing?

    The statement indicates a conflict between thinking and feeling – a crash at the cross roads if you will.

    Have you been taught place more value on thinking or feeling, to separate the two? Here you may wish to ask yourself what is it you think and what is it you feel? (I know not easy questions)

    What is “right for you” will connect your thinking and feeling.

    These are lifelong questions; remember to breath, laugh and love.

    A book I found helpful was ‘The Five Things We Cannot Change” by David Richo Its about saying Yes to life, even the inevitable crashes.
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