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    Default Eel with dog's head

    I don't usually dream but yesterday I had an odd dream involving an eel with the head of a dog.

    I dream that my younger brother had a business involving red buckets so that the were all lined up neatly floating at the waters edge. I accidentally overturned one of the buckets so that it sank. I could clearly see it at the bottom and told my brother that I could go in to fetch it since the water didn't look too deep. My elder brother then came by, and said not to go in. I looked down and saw that the sunken bucket had now turned into a black eel that was plugging a hole at the bottom, through which the water was meant to flow. He caught it with noose and showed me that I had to twist it to the right in order to kill it. He then reeled it up to the surface and I noticed that it had the head of a dog that looked like my pet dog's head. This was very disturbing, specially because he hadn't killed it fully. The eel was sort of paralized with its tongue hanging out and acting retarded and twitching about.

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    Buckets are symbols for old women who help much.
    Eel means a hidden enemy apparently friend at work.

    Dog means someone kind but an enemy in fact.

    You will overcome him.

    Good luck.
    Dreams are scenes of daily day happenings in real life when interpreted will come and pass.This may happen in the near future in a few days to a month or two.
    People are asleep, when die they will wake up.
    42. God takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep; then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the others back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.

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