Yet another dream dealing with my usual dream stalker, Blue Eyes (with black hair this time). I think I was at a university. The quad looked like my school, but the rest of it didn't.

So it was evening, and I was walking through the quad with Blue Eyes. He was trying to lead me to one of the stadiums because he had something to do there. I was just following him, keeping a little bit of distance. Then the lights all suddenly went out. It startled me, and I jumped and grabbed Blue Eyes's arm so I wouldn't get lost. He was more surprised that I grabbed his arm than that the lights went out, which amused him, and he smiled at me. I rolled my eyes at him, but just held on so I wouldn't get lost in the dark.

We finally got to one of the stadiums (there was more than one). At this one, there was either a game or band rehearsal going on. Blue Eyes was late, and the conductor was a little angry about it, but he told Blue Eyes to take his seat. I was going to sit somewhere in the stands and let Blue Eyes do what he needed to do, but he wouldn't let me leave. He grabbed my arm and pulled me with him to his seat. I was actually a little curious to see what he played. Unfortunately, I didn't get to find out because (and I don't know how) he pulled out a video game with an AC adapter, plugged it into an electrical outlet (what one was doing in the stands of an outdoor stadium was beyond me) and started playing. Everyone around him was like "Unbelievable!!" but laughed while they performed. The conductor got pissed off and kicked Blue Eyes out for the performance. He was like "great!" and we left. I think he figured that meant he could spend more time with me. I was actually rather amused by his behavior, maybe a little flattered too, so I wound up hugging his arm a little. He smiled even more.

We went to another stadium where there was supposed to be a game, and we met up with two female friends (they were characters from one of my stories, specifically the one with the only familiar version of Blue Eyes is). We sat down with them and were just talking and cuddling and stuff. Up to this point, it was actually a pretty nice dream.

Now where it got weird....

So there was a big paper banner wrapped at the entrance of the stadium where the players were supposed to come out. They tore through the banner and there was lots of cheering. When all the players were out, I noticed a bangle (cat, not tiger) sitting in the corner. Something about it screamed Shape-Shifter, and me, Blue Eyes, and the two girls thought it was another friend of ours (another character from the same story who is a shape-shifter). The longer I looked at the bangle though, the more I started to realize it wasn't our friend. Every form of the shape-shifter friend is white, gray, and silver with sapphire blue eyes and always looked charming and maybe a little mischievous. This one had a reddish coat with amber/hazel eyes and looked sinister. When the shape-shifter friend finally did show up, same form as this other shape-shifter but with the traits I described, the evil shape shifter trnasformed into what I think was his normal or true form: a dark elf with navy blue hair and amber eyes, slim build (not a lot of muscle to him), and yellow and blue clothes (and a cape). As he was making his big announcement that he was going to cause lots of chaos and destroy everyone, I sank down in my seat and hoped the wall around the seating would hide me. Well, he saw me, and apparently, the fact that I sank down in my seat really pissed him off. And that's when all hell broke loose.

At this point, amongst all the running, someone grabbed me and pulled me to run. I thought it was Blue Eyes, but when I was pulled to an area where it cleared up enough to take a breath, it turned out it was actually the evil shape-shifter. He told me I had to cooperate or else he was going to destroy everything. Anytime anyone came near us, he changed forms to make it look like he was just another victim of the chaos. The last part, we were at a large fence with barbed wire at the top. There was a glider on the ground. On a whim, I took the glider and tried making a run for it. I got up in the air and near the top of the fence... and then sliced my hand on the barbed wire before falling back to the ground. The evil shape-shifter was even more pissed off at me for making an escape attempt.

Then I woke up.

Can anyone translate please?