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    Default Can anyone tell me what my dream means??

    Okay here's the deal for the past 2 weeks my mom's friend has been trying to hook me and her daughter up with these 2 guys that come to her house for game night with there mom and step dad. There's 2 brothers the older one i do not know his name (the one I had my dream about) and the younger one named mark.

    Now Mark is Kalie's boy I mean I can already see he likes her and she likes him but the other guy I just cant remember his name for the life of me but I like him he's funny and pretty cute :3

    Now to get to the dream (I warn you it's weird my imagination is totally random)

    In the dream I was walking around with him (the guy I like) and this girl i used to have a class with when I was in High School why she was in my dream?? I have no clue but she was there all the same. She was trying to catch her husband because he cheated on her with another woman and killed her and we were trying to catch him and put him in jail so basically we were playing detective.

    We got into this taxi that was huge like a limo on the inside and sat down. Him and the girl were talking and I was starting to feel left out and that he didn't like me he liked the other girl. But then I sat on the floor and he put his feet in my face!

    I was like "Gross get your feet out my face" He said "I can't help it it's so funny my feet like your face" (Yeah weird?? I told you)

    Then we both start to laugh and I sit back in the seat next to him and then were like super close and the girl stands up (yes inside the car straight up it was a tall car) And she's looking at these pictures in a magazine.

    Then I turn my head to look out the window when all of a sudden he kisses my neck and I gasp and cover my mouth because I didn't want the girl to turn around and look at us. And he starts kissing and licking and sucking on my neck and I tried to control my volume but I kept (Um yeah..) moaning it felt so real like he was actually doing it like I was awake and everything so then right when the girl was turning around I wake up panting.

    Can anyone tell me what that was all about?? Maybe give me your words of wisdom your past erotic dreams that somehow compare to mine that have a meaning. What does my dream mean someone please tell me I was going to ask my mom but I can't tell my mom I had an erotic dream about him then she'll tell her friend and all hell with break loose so anyone give me something lol

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    Default Re: Can anyone tell me what my dream means??

    To me (a humble layman and new user) It looks like this might come to pass, not exactly as you describe, but a similar situation might arise. In dreams you get to act out things and also sort things out. Erotic dreams are not that uncommon. I can remember having them when I hit puberty, possibly before. The key point of most dreams is keep them close and be careful in who and what you tell of a dream. For instance I see a boy with two girls. One girl he's paying attention to. And you on the sidelines wanting to get on the field, so to speak. The other girl is interested in glamor and may direct her thoughts away from the boy. Then the boy will notice you and find that you might be more then compatible. I find it significant that he places his feet on your face. To me this is a very powerful image! It suggests intimacy and trust tempered with a playful mischief. The fact that you both laugh is also a good sign. I personally think the one you drempt of is a keeper. Now sort your feelings out about moving forward. I would also recommend you ask for a clarifying dream or a continuation dream to see where this might go. Also keep in mind that dreams normally occur for a reason. Timing is important! I have most current dreams around the hours of 0300 to 0700. Keep an open mind, keep a dream journal and sweet dreams!

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