I've tried to get as much as I can from
understanding what a bunch of numbers can mean to me
(without getting too crazy)
but that usually isn't enough to keep me interested.
for instance 53 is the year I and my MS friend were born.
My home address number is 539
Early last year, I started to get the sense my friend would die soon.
Along with many other "coincidences" not having to do with numbers at all,
his memorial service was held 5/3/09

I assumed at that time those numbers would quit, I thought, Oh, that's what those numbers where all about.
but they have continued to show up like clues along a path to follow.

I'm involved with some classes having to do with study on the 9 gifts of the spirit. Last week I arrived at that destination and noticed the odometer ending was 539.

A side story like yours... only I cheated

I was helping at a kids camp in the Alaska Outdoors. One of the kids was upset because she had lost a special ring along a river bank about a mile away from camp. She was upset enough that the whole cabin went back to at least try to look for it, by this time it was dark. As we cleared the woods trail it opened to about 20x50 yards of gravel river bank.
Still in tears, she had no idea where to begin looking and just pointed in a general river bank direction... Here's the cheating part... I had us all hold hands and we prayed, God, please help us find Sarah's ring.
We spread out with flashlights in the dark. I took about 30 steps and stopped.
I looked down to see a ring at my feet. (my next silent prayer was... God I hope this is the right ring!) Needless to say, we were all a bunch of happy campers and back on our way to camp in less than two minutes. :clapping: