I had a really unusual dream last night. It started of as me with a few others building or renovating the inside of a house. I was unable to look around and see the other peopleís faces. The room I was in seemed to be the Kitchen. We were being taught how to build by a man, for some strange reason I thought I knew him but I canít remember who. I walked through a door to my left, and to my amazement was a huge playground. The playground started of high then made its way to the ground, so maybe the Kitchen was up stairs. Once I reached the ground the Teacher came up to me and told me I was one of the very few to work on a special project. I remember arriving at the new place but it looked more like a junk yard on a beach. I then proceeded to get in a car with someone; they drove through the junk yard to another house. This house was having a party. I remember as I entered the house I didnít feel like I belonged there, so I was staying quiet and sitting on my own. Not long after I walked into the backyard where most of the party goers were. A big man started to soak me with water by turning the sprinkler on and aiming it directly at me. Everyone was laughing. A small man joined in and was throwing big eggs at me, so I ran out the front door. They chased me still throwing eggs, but then I turned around and saw the eggs werenít real, they were like big toy eggs that still exploded when hitting something. The inside had green slimy substance, kind of like something you would find in an Alien movie. I picked one up that was still intake and throw it back at them. From then on it ended up a game, as if they then chose to be my friends, it was really weird. Not long after it was time to go, so I made my way back through the junkyard until I saw a plane falling from the sky into the Ocean. My first reaction was to swim out to the plane and help any survivors. I reached the plane and saw a girl around my age standing in the middle of the emergency exit door. I told her to jump quickly because the plane was sinking fast and the flames where getting bigger. She jumped into the water and I grabbed her. We made our way back to the shore then I woke up. I donít know what any of this means, but I havenít had a dream before that I remember so much of it.