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    Default I'm having trouble knowing if it is prohetic or just a dream

    Occasionally I will have dreams that come true. Tornados, people ringing me and what they say, where lost pets are hiding etc.

    Usually I'll know they are something of importance because they are so vivid and stick with me clear as crystal until it happens. Sometimes they might even repeat.

    I've had an odd dream that has happened twice only slightly different.
    They are set at my university and it is of a male whom I have never met. He keeps taking me off guard with love and passion in a really sincere way...he knows me but I don't know him. It's nothing x-rated..just pure love.
    I would think of this as a usual dream only I'm in my wheelchair in these dreams. I am NEVER ever in my wheelchair when I dream...I usually float or just cant see myself from my hips down. Also I can usually see my dreams from outside of my body at the same time but I am very much grounded in my body in these dreams.

    This dream screams to me that it's something significant but I really don't there anyway other people who have dreams that 'come true' can tell when they need to pay close attention to a dream? :confused:

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    Hello, Flames.

    The normal type dreams, or visions, or even intuitions, are more about people you care about, and what they care about, because you care for them. That does eventually open up the door to the better type dreams about your own future. Most all the time, those kind of dreams are directley related to your direction in life and what your involved in. The more your involved with something your doing, or with others, the more you care, and the efforts you put into them, the more outstanding the dreams are. The dreams come about because of your own choices, as your hole life is built one on another to arrive where you are now in life.

    So when you dream, your dreams reflect whats going on in your life, because your mind can pick up the most likley outcome. Though its a little more than that.

    The reason your mind can pick out the most likley outcome is because it knows the pattern, and is becoming aware. We either have to hear the rest from others we know, if they know it, or stumble onto it because we make bad choices. Bad choices bring bad outcomes, and good choices bring good outcome, and those can be the dreams we have. There based on the fact of our genetic code is based on gender, though our gentic code also makes our mind that discovers, and makes choices base on what we want. Our minds are pretty much the same for all males, and the same for all famales, but males and females wont think the same though they may want the same things. Our minds pick this up as a constant once we learn it, so we can pick up anything out of the ordinary. Since we can have the same brain patterns, our minds can also pick up thoughts, though its sepressed. Part of our self defence is to block things that can hurt us.

    Prophetic type dreams, can come both good and bad, though most come bad, and have bad symbolizm. If the dream doesnt look good, it probabley isnt. Since they are choice based on outcome, others around us might have problems that directley influence our dreams, so their bad choices effect us in our dreams. A person who is on a quest of some kind, trying to grow will most likley have good dreams if their efforts are succesfull. Dreams can be influenced by age, and spiriutal growth as our mind developes and changes. There is a certan pattern everyone goes through with mind development, and everyone must go through them. The same ones. Even dreams have certain patterns to them that everyone has.

    Hope that helped some

    Peace and Love in Jesus

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