Hey if someone can give me some guidance into this it would be great, its kinda bothering me.

The last two things i remember are this.

I look at a form kind of like a resume. Each section is in its own block and there are about five sections. The first has my name, the second has my date of birth and then the next three section are all separated from each other and have "satanic cult" written in them.(I'm not involved in any cults at all).

The next thing I remember is there are two guys from a tv show i watch (I don't think that matters, its just my sub conscious using characters I know) I don't know if there talking to me or each other, anyway its all white around us and they say you don't need all this junk on the white, the way you become pure is.....(I wake up!!)

I think there connected but don't really know. Is there any significant about have a phrase written three times in a dream. Thx to anyone who helps.