Hi everyone. First timer here from the UK. I have many strange, detailed dreams that quite often resemble some kind of a movie. But last night's one seemed to hold more meaning than most. Here goes...

I'm living in a world like Orwell's 1984. Me and my family are 'Proles', i.e. outside of the 'company' living in the slums. Soldiers are sent in to clear the slums (like the Jewish Ghetto's in Poland in WW2) but we manage to elude a wall of soldiers and sneak into the nice, clean, domesticated world beyond them. However, the 'locals' (as I shall call them from hereon in) can spot us because they move in a robotic way and speak in song - they sing everything they say in a sweet, high-pitched melody. It is a specific melody that I cannot recall.

When they spot us, the stand still, and point, wide-eyed, at us and shriek "Proles", similar to the way the aliens do in "Invasion of the BodySnatchers" with Donald Sutherland, and this alerts all around, including the troops.

The dream then on in revolves around us trying to get out undetected with the help of a few underground Proles that exist in the neighbourhood. We come up against quite a few 'locals' - sometimes we adopt their mannerisms to fool them, sometimes we have to resort to more violent action.

I think we get away in the end, but I cannot be sure.

Anyone got any ideas......?

As a newby, I haven't helped anyone else yet as suggested, but I will try my best to.