I apoligise for the length of this.
Please read and tell me what you feel it means. Snakes and the owl and well anything else you can help me with will be awsome.

~ Older dream memories

I have had this dream for a few years now.. Maybe about 10 years and perhapps more when I was closed off to my personal consciousness. The people around me always usually change as well as the surroundings.
I was once in a school, once under the ground in a egyptian grave (not a tomb.)

~newer dream memories.

I was also in a place that seemed to float. the ground its self was in the air. There were stair cases connecting the earth/ground together, there were also jumps.
All around the grassy and jumnping spots there were snakes. I almost stepped on one. I was very scared of them but knew I had to complete my quest I was on. There was a man with me and I believe another woman and one of my friends. As I remember my friend was bitten. I think when I was about to get bitten I woke up and the last thing I remember from the dream was that the unknown man tried to help me away from the snake. I dont remember if he killed it or not.

~ NEWEST DREAM (Like last nigh)

Ok so I was drunk and had just slept with someone for the first time in 5 months. I dont believe the snakes in this dream to be sexual becasue I dont want a man now..in fact I want out of my current 6 year relationship.

So to the dream.....I remember the first half of my dream was very weird. There was a girl who I was helping to find I believe her father..We were in a jungle liek the kongo or the amazon. A gorila with the voice of a man found us..took us to their "camp." He/they asked us what we wanted and then we answered that we were looking for her father. They allowed us to go and gave us directions to wehre we needed to go.
We were on our way following the directions. Over a hilL that was a field with a path right in it...the path led into the forest. Her father was there and there was also soemthign I needed there.
We never made it there. Instead another man that I dont know came from behind us and yelled at us for soemthign we had doen wrong. He stood there in the path fighting snakes. I ran off and the girl was taken as a prisoner.
Now its the second part of my dream. I am alone as it starts. I am wondering through the jungle/forest. It seems tropical and then changes into a tempeat zome forest. I then feel a sense of famliar. I it feels like what I remember of the forest around my real home. I then find my mother. She was just out for a kind of hike. We walked a bit through the woods...then came across a cave. There was a Mining Car and a trac the whole way through the cave. I remember getting into it with my mother. We rode in it and everythign was so beautiful..The all of a sudden the walls of the cave began to come alive..not only with plant life and stalagtites and stalagmites but snakes. All different breeds of snakes.
The snakes were striking at us. They seemed liek poison snakes. I dont remember getting out of the mind car or the lack of my mother. I do remember another man helping fight the snakes off.
So once again I am alone but I feel a spirit...or a kind of guide with me. I remember a man getting ready to burn a snake over an open lit fire in the woods.
Here is the final part of my dream.
I see the fire and I am hungry and my stamina is low..but I dont seem t omind at all becaus eI know the task/quest at hand is bigger and more importaint then my desires of flesh. I the wak past the fire and there is a building..I dont see the whole building..just a wall and a door. Before I enter the door I feel a snow owl in a tree the sky is getting dark. The owl just watches me. Normaly I would stayt and stare at its beauty...but I knwo I have to keep going. I go throug the door. Its like the owl is following me. There is somthing in this building that has turned into a peace/heavenly santuary. So I am in a santuary and the owl is following me. I dont know what but I feel the sense of judgement and love. A figure or 2 is there. I believe one to be a girl. Me...but she see,s to be grown and where I want my life to be in a spiritual sense. There is also another figure. It doesnt seem to be my family or god. ...but it feels like a good entity and not a bad one. Then I wake up. The dream leaves me a bit dumb founded.