so I had a dream about 2 and a half men.. charlie, and alan and jake,. alan and charlie had another brother.. who is unnamed. and I was their neice. I was a manipulative girl who could manipulate things to go my way. and jake and I must have been 7, and we were playing a game and jake and I were tied, the aim of the game was to eat things and transform into new characters. I was just about to beat jake but he turned his character into a jelly doughnut and ate my powder doughnut. I remember we were playing for a long time. eventually I stopped playing because I was bored of the game. my dad and uncle charlie took me to a school meet I was older 14? average looking and I was sporty, I seen a guy I liked named colin mcoy. and he invited me to come and hang out with him and his girlfriend. he was drinking beer and I asked to try some he poured me and his gf some drinks and we drank em. I was drinking another glass and noticed there was blue mould in a corner. so I grabbed their drinks and drank them, they didnt notice, then they wondered where their drinks went. I kept drinking their drinks cuz I was mad that colin liked jessica better then me. I wanted colin and really liked him. but colin chose Jessica, so I poured my drink over her and pretty much told her that tomorrow I would come to school and beat her at everything and grow up to be ten times prettier than she was! Immediately I went home, and announced to my family that I wanted a girly dress (clearly I was a tomboy and they looked at me like I was nuts, but they did it, and I went to school the next day looking gorgeous! and all the guys were shocked) then time reversed as if this had happened when I was 7 instead of 14(and had just grown up for a minute). then time went forward and ever since I was 7 and on Jessica and I had been in competition with each other. before I met Jessica and colin I was a bad girl who manipulated people and got my own way.. and my grades were extremely poor. But after when I was about 17 I was at the top of my class, the most prettiest girl, and the best at sports and everything else and popular, and all the guys liked me, I think it was because I tried hard every day. Jessica and I had become friends ( but pretended to hate each other for old times sake). I felt at the end of this dream that I got everything I wanted because I worked for it. I had won! :clapping: but what does this dream mean???? please tell me?!