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    Default Do I travel at night?

    I have been known to have quite some wierd dreams. Some even predictions, and my mother especially telling me I have some kind of ability, and all that business... I am a very imaginative person as well, so these dreams do not surprise me, however, due to a couple other things that I will get into at the end, well I need someone to tell me I am not crazy, and that this has happened before to other people...

    I have regular dreams, yes... but sometimes my soul feels like it has left town, and taken a six to seven hour hiatus from my body. I have given the name Purgatory to the world from an ex-girlfriend who told me the story of Purgatory, so that is how I will refer to the "dream world" for the rest of this post.

    My first ever dream was of a mansion, my family was there, and the mansion was haunted by very evil spirits, however, they did not bother the people who lived there. The co-existed with them, somtimes causing bits of trouble but nothing serious it seemed. The dreams would get creepier, and almost nightmarish sometimes, a window in a shack when touched created little ghostly faces that popped up in shades of dark green mixed with purple.

    (Obviously this is not just all one dream, but a mixture of everything i have dreamed about.)

    The mode of transportion in the world is trains. Very elaborate trains running from city, to city, and even into no where. There are many roads as well, but walking seems to be next under trains, you dont see very many autos, but they do exist here, and there, I am assuming that people who use them have a connection to them on earth if they are dead, or just being there at the same time...

    Anyway, the cities are very elaborate, as well is most everything, a castle sits in a park that seems as though it will fall apart, however it never does. You enter, and climb its towers, and you feel perfectly safe, even though the mortar, and stones creak under the movement.

    Amusment parks so grand with rollercoasters, and many, many rides. One however, in the middle of a big city is abandoned, but people still gather there.

    A lake where one side is crystal clear water, and the other half is a boggy swamp with the bodies of dead people floating in the water.... this was a scary one let me tell you.

    A beach where actually I ran into a friend who had been shot in real life. He was surrounded by girls, the beach was packed full, and everyone was swimming, and having a great time, like spring break...

    I could go on forever, but this one sticks out the most... A dirt road, with a field to the left of me, and a forest to the right... The field is endless, it just goes on, and on, but in the field I see a pillar. There are a few pillars, but they are massive. They are so huge, I can not even explain... they rise into the sky...

    A few years later I was looking at a poster my mother had bought. Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly delights... faintly in the background, you see pillars. Look it up online, you will see what I mean. The gathering of people in the painting looks like some of my dreams, the wierd buildings, the fact that no one goes to heaven... no one wants to leave this place, we are young, and free, and I have a feeling old Hieronymus knew what I was talking about when he painted this picture!

    Then, too make matters worse, I saw "The lovely bones" last night, and realized that the author, and maybe some people who worked on the film, must have had these dreams as well... Some of the scenes of "the place in between" were as if they were pulled out of my head. I swear if the huge fields would have had any pillars I would have had an accident!

    My point is, does this sound familiar to anyone? I have seen it twice from people, artists who depict what I sometimes dream about... I just want to know if I am crazy, and just hope there is going to be something after I die, or if anyone else has felt Purgatory, and been there... Let me know...

    Also included the painting I was talking about... see the lovely bones to really understand the world I have dreamed of...

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    Well I am still new to these places, so I have only been to like two. I went to someone house recently will dreaming and I got to to met them sort of, but I did not get to stay for long because I was sent back to my subconscious dreams if this makes sense. :rolleyes:
    and then there was this place that I went to, which I warn you it does not feel like a good place to be. It is a small village like place with woods/forest on one side and on the other side just nothing. The sky was black and star/moonless. All the houses pretty much looked the same, there was also a glass house with a man who was controlling the people in the place... the bad thing is I had some family members there... :(... There were also a lot of people there I did not know. And the man who was controlling the village found out I was there and was trying to capture me, but lucky me I had my guide there watching out for me....
    Have you been to a place like this? Also have you seen people getting mail?...the man that was controlling people somehow got a hold of mine O.O....
    yeah I have been talking about my dream with people and they told me a little about the place

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    Default To Sable

    I have not seen what you describe, but it sounds like my dreams as well, just maybe a different location? The world of purgatory is huge from what I can gather, and your are right about family members being there sometimes, though for me, even places that seem to be evil, have a flip side to them somehow. That is one of the things I have always felt, there are two extremes in some of the places I visit, however, I have visited places in Purgatory that are all good.

    Thank you for your reply!

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    I was very excited when I finally went somewhere in astral realm.. purgatory.. whatever it is that it is called. I have probably been before, but I would not have known because I knew nothing about it...
    You welcome.. ha ha I try to reply to the threads that receive none.

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