Does anyone else dream in story form?

So there was lots of weird stuff going on in this dream, not a single bit of which had anything to do with me. I was pretty much just a 3rd party observer. It was almost like I was watching some combination of a Michael J. Fox and Matthew Broderick movie (the ones from the 80s). Lots of mischief.

The part that stood out was like another movie segment. It was supposed to be some ancient unreleased Disney cartoon titled "Moon of the King." The bulk of it was based off mythology/stories from India and China (does anyone remember the Princess and the Tailor?).

The one story I remember from this was one about three assassins (all women) that tried to kill this king, but the king caught them. He asked the first one if she tried to kill him. She said she had and was sorry, so he released her. He asked the second one if she had tried to kill him, and she too said she had and apologized, and the king released her too. He asked the third assassin if she had tried to kill him, but she refused to fess up (she wasn't sorry).

There were two versions of the ending. One was that the king had decided to marry her for sticking to her priorities (I guess). However, that part doesn't fit with what happened next, so the part that I heard in this dream was that the king sentenced her to death. And then the king started to feel guilt or sorrow for how his people wanted him dead, so he committed suicide.

[And that is why the film was never released to video!]

Then I woke up wondering if that was an actual movie. There was something very familiar about it.

Can anyone help me interpret this?