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    Well I want to inform everyone here that I am a catholic, however i have had several strange dreams that have revealed the future to me.

    - I dreamed that one of my female friends was going to give me marijuana at her house... a few days later i found out she smokes weed and her house's location is identical to its dream location

    - When I was a small kid i dreamed that i went to a high school... i visited the exact school for a test not so long ago... never having gone there before or even knowing of its existence

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    I often think that dreams link to the near future. If a dream comes true it will often come true the very next day. Most dreams just tell you how you felt yesterday. So if you felt OK the day before and then you get a highly disturbing dream its worth seeing if its a possible premonition.

    I have studied and collected various dreams which capture the future. Try this page

    Premonitions - how dreams can predict the future



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