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    I've been having involuntary lucid dreams more and more often as I've started my daily dream journal and I've noticed something strange-at least, to me. I've become fully aware of my dreams and what I can do in dreams and I keep meeting these people over and over again-my three guardians, a doctor, and a girl around my own age. They seem to know what's going on and we've had extensive conversations and they've inducted me into their...organization, I guess? They call me a guardian as well and sometimes send me out to help other people when they have nightmares. During my free time, I'm told I can "dream my own dreams". What's the strangest bit, though, is I remember most of them as clearly as if they had happened while I was awake.
    Anyone else have anything similar-especially the guardian part?

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    hey if you can help other people in nightmares why dont u try to go into someones dream when invited! try lucid dreaming into my dream!! ive heard it can happen!(u gots my permission Clo! ive also had a dream about something like guardians... but it differed from yours.

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