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    It seems we as humans find it is easier to reflect on the negative more so then the positive, in your dream you are so aware of the negative that you know exactly it is blue and he should be told on because he is spying and what it looks like you even found a picture of it!! But you do not mention to much of the positive what God looked like or what color he maybe the question should be "Are you being negative in your awake state.?"

    Something to ponder.

    Light Seeker

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    Default Meeting with God

    Dear Ladygee: I know you are not affiliated with any organized Religion. However the basis of the God concept in Christianity comes from the Jewish doctrine of the Elohim, meaning MANY. The many the jewish encountered were the extrterristials known as Announaki or Angels. Now the Announake are considered to be 10,000 years more evolved, technologically speaking than earthlings. So upon the jewish encounters with the Announaki or Angels, the jewish intrepreted them as Gods. When a singular God appeared in Bibical scripture it was usually the Announaki God father figure who was named Annu. If we are to be impressed by the extrterristial appearances on earth it should be by recognition of their technological know how, and certainly not Gods or God himself or herself. The educated folks concept of God are the celestial light/radio energies that behave according to mathamatherical theorems, most paticularly geometry. Most noteworthy of universal energies is the spiral. The spiral nebula, the spiral pattern of plant and animal growth etc etc. Thats just some background information on the God concept. If in your dream you encountered a God it would most likely be Annu. Now the Angels themselves have advanced telepathic abilities and could percieve a negative or aggressive force or entity solar systems in the distance. In your dream I see the blue tatooed man as a maker or an item that stands out. Altho this being was certainly no threat to the God figures, he certainly was engaging in a manner of chess like moves to you. So I would call the tatooed man the various limitations we all have in coming face to face with the God figure. Oh yes its a very good dream and one that elicited a massive response. Best Regards.

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    Lightseeker I can't say that he 'looked like' anything other than a bright white energy...I knew he was there although I didn't see a face or figure. Just as either side of him I knew there were 'bodyguards' so to speak, but again, I could not make out facial or body appearances, just energies.

    Karmicresponse: Thank you very much for your response. It was a lovely read and gave me more to consider. I feel that over the last year I have developed much more awareness for the changes that are clear in the world at the moment. I won't divulge everything I have been experiencing but your words have emphasised it all. I don't feel you can ever learn enough so thanks :D

    I don't think this dream will ever leave me....It's instilled into my mind as if I saw it only moments ago.

    Best wishes.
    Lady Gee

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    To Lady Gee,

    I've read your dream and also all the replies and all I can say is that no man is righteous no matter how much he/she wants to believe that they are. The idea is to constantly make a conscious effort daily to be in GOD's presence and seek his guidance daily for we encounter all kinds of challenges and obstacles that may bring us out of character, morale, and or faith. So before you get mad at others for giving their point of view I would like to refer you to the book of JOB. A man who thought he lived a perfect life and was blessed immensley by GOD until he realized that he too was a sinner and fell short of the GLORY OF GOD and that alone is what GOD wants us to keep in the forefront of our mind. So if you are receiving revelation to this type of information i would take heed of the warning and continue the work on my spirit and faith. For it is a daily walk!! No judgement here just insight.

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