Okay so long dream but I was curious.
I was in a desert high school out in the middle of no where. I took theAtre, and my teacher was crazy and fun. I had almost a magicAl power where I could feel peoples souls and hers was always super powerful. One day two new kids came to my school, a boy and his sister and they were both crazy beautiful. Their souls were powerful too.
Not from my view anymore I saw my teacher confronted by these kids and she laughed and hid herself from them in a picture saying you'll never get me.
People at my school started dying and I suddenly realized that they (the kids and my teacher) were angels, that God had sent them down to destroy the world, and that if you looked them in the eyes you'd get the plague, and then same with anyone who got the plAgue. So I guess I blinded myself once I got sick so I wouldn't hurt anyone else, but I could still somehow see. The boy angel confronted me in a garden and tried to ask for my forgiveness, because he didn't want to do it and God just needed more angels to fight Hell. I accidentally stumbled into his wings and they were very soft and he hugged me and I guess we fell in love.

It's an old dream and there's a bit more but I'm curious mostly about this :)