So. my boyfriend and I were talking about dreams the other day and he started telling me of a reoccuring dream he had while he was a child and it continued into adult life, and once he started telling me the details of this dream i immediately was shocked and had to cut him off before he went any more in depth into it, because i have had the EXACT same dream since i was a little girl and i still find myself being woken up by it now as an adult. i had to cut him off and finish his sentence because i knew if i let him finish and was like 'oh i had that same dream too' he would , as well as most people be a little skeptical. but i finished his sentence asking him if this was the dream and as i had described it in great detail i could see in his face he was in complete awe because we both had this same dream! can anyone help us to see what this means if anything.

if you are curious as to what the dream is ill tell you; it starts off as us having this awkward feeling its almost undescribable and you are thrown into what can only be described as another dimension, a black abyss, that isnt an abyss really more like a huge black box whith shiny floors and walls. still the same awkward feeling is felt through out the dream its felt in your heart, or chest not sure really. you kind of just stare into the abyss for a moment then a mans face in his case and a woman in mine come out of nowhere and it is massive and they start screaming there mouth opens so wide you feel like your going to fall in and then little sharp shooty gremlin thingys shoot by your feet and the dream usually ends in being startled so much you have to wake up.

what is this all about . please help!!?!!?!!!