This is a dream I had last night, the first/second in over half a year strangely enough. Surprisingly, I seem to be able to recall most of it word for word.


The earliest I can remember is having/keeping what I thought was a hamster in a box (however when I lifted the lid it looked like a gerbil?). The rest at that time is very hazy and I cannot remember.

Fast forward a bit, and I’m walking off to ‘work’ in some kind of garage/hardware store (although I have no idea what I’m supposed to do) alongside quite a few other people (might I add; this ‘garage/hardware store’ looks to be in the same area that it would be in real life and the town that I live).

Fast forward a bit (after me passing through some strange plastic curtain things, like a backstage area) and I’m staring at some unidentified objects below me on a shelf. Then my dad comes in, talks to me, I shout at him for some reason and he leaves two small, dvd size boxes with (what I presumed to be) an ‘Easter egg each’.

Fast forward a bit, and my 36 year old brother (in real life he’s an ex-Royal Marine, currently an SO19 policeman in England with his own bodyguard service and sometimes a tree surgeon) comes in and he asks me why I have two eggs sitting next to me. I then reply with:

“Would you like one?”

Then he says “One for each of us.”

I think I then tell him that I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing here, and then he looks around the room and goes “I’m looking but I’m not seeing”.

By the time he stood up and looked around, somehow the ‘room’ went larger and got totally filled up with people. To the right of me there was a very tall shelf (around 10-12ft) that required a ladder to get up to the top and it seemed to be full of people (with every ladder being used). Everyone on the ladder seemed to be wearing pitch black clothes with unidentifiable faces, however at the right of this shelf there was the girl I’m infatuated with. On the actual shelves, I seem to recall seeing tires, strange black, plastic looking shoes, huge knives and some hazy/unidentifiable clothing.

Now moving back to earlier..

After my brother looked around the room, the girl I’m infatuated with asked my brother either if she looked good in this piece of clothing or if this piece of clothing would look good on her. He replied with:

“Nah you looked sexier earlier hahahahaha.”

After that, I think I contemplated telling him not to flirt with under 18s but at that exact moment I woke up.


I am 16, any idea what this means?