the dream started off with me driving home from somewhere where my mom and a bunch of our friends were. well i ended up going the wrong way (which is pretty typical of me in real life :p) and ended up having to pull over because i knew there was something wrong with my car. so i pulled into a gas station and took off my tire. i was trying to put it back on and tried to get an older couple to help me but the man told me i had to go inside and ask for pliers and help. when i walked into the gas station, i realized it was not a gas station at all. it was a big building that had 3 different cafes inside. as i was trying to see if i could find someone to help me, i spotted my mom. i asked her to come outside and help me. she came outside with 3 of our other friends and they got the tire back on and our one guy friend said that he would drive to make sure it wasnt going to break down again.

another thing that happened at some point in this dream was that we were making sandwiches (i think at the cafe?) and i started off with a tortilla wrap and peanut butter and then someone asked me what else i was going to put on it. i took a big chunk of cojack cheese (my favorite cheese) and put that in with the peanut butter (gross i know!) and ending up getting the cheese to melt somehow so i could spread it. *when i woke up i was disgusted by this!! lol*

any interpretations??