December 12th 2009
I was focused on getting help from my dreams. I was wondering if National City hires me (which would only be 6 miles away) do I go ahead and work for them or stay where I am now? I was really pondering this and asked that my dreams would help me give direction. I dreamed I was in the building where I worked. People that were higher up were standing around being friendly and cheerful and telling the employees everything is all right and going very well. The employees didn't believe it. We talked about what other favorite job alternatives we had in mind. I said I would like the Navy because I would love to fly those fighters. It would be very exciting. I looked out the glass front and saw the reality outside. The sky was filled with pitch black clouds. The wind was roaring so loudly it was like a big C-130 aircraft engine sitting right there next to me. I could hear the tornado sirens. This is the worst darkness prior to the arrival of the storm I ever seen. This is going to be the kind of storm that destroys buildings and kills people. Rosalie C. told everybody to look at the drinking fountain on the wall. It has 3 (possibly four) large rectangle shaped lights wrapped around the fountain. Each light had a name on it. Mine was the top light. I was told that each light represented what each person was in the past here at the company. I think what was meant was status or position. Andy's light was red. Jon's was green. My light was black. I said to Andy, 'Andy, how can you make a black light light up?' He didn't know and made some comment about stupid this was and no light comes from black. At that moment, the black lit up. With light behind it, it looked like a very dark gray or a dark navy blue. Something told me a tornado was right on top of us. The power went out. I could hear the roar and could see the rain being blown horizontally. I wondered if I should leave and try to make it home. The dream said in my head, "Do not go out there!" I would have to stay here until the storm passes. I was concerned that the building I was in would not be strong enough to keep me safe from the storm. I walked to the side of the building where I used to work and I heard the sound of birds in distress. I walked over to where the filing is and one of the cabinets opened up into a very large black room. It essentially opened up to a black bottomless pit with black wrought iron stairs that went down the center for eternity. The stairs reminded me of a fire escape. I heard the bird cries coming from below. I started to walk down the stairs and noticed that the rain from outside was dripping very quickly from the roof down into the center of this bottomless stairwell. This pit was at the very center of the building. I walked down a flight and noticed some birds had somehow got in and were hiding here from the storm. One bird was a white pelican. Another was a female mallard duck and she had a baby duck stuck in her throat. I grabbed the pelican and the duck and walked back up stairs and back to where I was. The pelican I comforted and put him under a desk to keep him safe. A man who worked there, but never seen before, gently grabbed the duck's neck and squeezed it and the baby duckling came up alive and covered in yellow bile. Both ducks would be fine. I commented that the duckling would just have a yellow stained plumage until it gets it's adult feathers. Mother and ducking quickly ran off. I wondered if there was any special place I could go inside this building that would be safer than standing around out here. I walked back to the other side of the building and other employees were standing around watching the storm. People were afraid but knew there was nothing they could do. The man I never seen before had long black hair, wore a cap, may have had a small beard, wore army green jacket and pants. He put his arm around my shoulders and said to me, "Let's go." He kissed me and we walked through a door the opened to another office entirely that was well lit and comfortable. This was the end of the dream.