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    Default Tsunami, Panic, & interpret

    Hello , I'm normally good at interpreting my own dreams however the one I had last night kinda has me a bit shaky, it was a nightmare...

    So hubby and I were in Mexico in his town my family was there and so was his. We were having a mini party and we were eating I was sitting in a stool and we were just all talking laughing. It felt great to be really happy in this dream.

    Then hubby went to the other side of the room to make himself a taco when he left, I started spinning in the stool like when I was a little girl...spinning faster and faster until I got really dizzy. Then I got up and let the room spin and we were all giggling about my being silly.

    When I regained by balance from the spinning, there was an alarm it sounded like a fire alarm really loud...we all just looked at each other and thought maybe it was just a fake but we decided to leave the building anyway.

    Once we were outside, I told hubby to take my little brother (who is like our son) to the stands at the market place and that we might as well go look around while they shut off the alarm.

    All of a sudden we saw people running and screaming they were so panicked and scared. Everyone was yelling run run run!!! Then we saw some soldiers and they said, "turn arround run the other way!" I glanced over my shoulder and above the building we were standing infront of, there was a HUGE sea green wave (tsunami) it was incredibly HUGE. It's like everything slowed down I remeber the breeze, the crying, the panic, in that slow motion moment I felt the presence of God and all of a sudden I said a small prayer. My hubby took my hand we looked at each other I yelled to him TE AMO (I love U) and he yelled it back, and that's when the water started coming down. I took a deep breath and ...that's when I woke up... I think we drowned...

    I'm so confused by this dream...there were so many emotions in it and it's really strange...has anyone ever dreamed about tsunamis? Or can someone help me interpret this?
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