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    Exclamation Ex boyfriend..

    hi all.
    Im wondering if it's possible to help me about my dreams. Once a week probually i dream about my ex boyfriend. Things such as sneaking behind a school to kiss and cuddle and him being in my house but around his mates so he can't talk to me just stares. We were only together a short time, 4 months excalty and i ended it which was a huge mistake. Hes my first love. and anyway, i saw him after we broke up and we talked through everything and he told me he'd still want to be with me even if i was the skinnyest/fattest uglyest person alive. This happened a couple of times and we even kissed behind the people's back we were seeing. Anyway after that whenever i saw him, he'd just stare into my eyes. After 2 years ish he turned up to a party i was at, i couldnt believe it at first and to cut a long story short, we talked and kissed again, things started off between us (although he had a girlfriend) and we met up, and things stopped and this happeend 3 times, he's told me how he believes we were meant to be just not allowed and how its fate that we keep getting drawn back together (which is true we do.) and he told me how everytime he closes his eyes he can see himself lying ona sofa, really happy and then seeing me bursting through the door with a big grin on my face and hes feeling like hes in heaven. Anyway he also told me he couldn't physically get me off his mind. We'd even talked about moving away together, and we both knew we wanted to be together. the thrid time we got drawn together things became more intense and the words were so much deeper, in the end he said he couldn't do it (because of his girlfriend, he also lives at her's as he has nowhere else to go, but she is horrible to him and you can tell he's not happy).. anyway its now me who can't get him off my mind, i try to think about something else but he won't get out of my head, its not myself thinking about him, its like hes suppost to be there. I get these dreams frequently and its always ethier we sneak around to be together or we cant talk so its just staring. Is this all trying to tell me something? im sorry its so long, i really need help because im going out of my mind with him there all the time (i still care so much about him and would do anything to be back with him) and im due to turn 18 and this means i'll be seeing him often. thankyou ever so much xx

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    I've had dreams like this before. They are very painful and I'm sorry that you're having to deal with them.

    Maybe this is just about 'unfinished business'. Your feelings for him have not yet run their course, and you're feeling unresolved.

    Something that worked for me was telling my ex about my feelings for him, and letting him decide what to do with that knowledge. For me, things did not end the way I would have liked them to. He was engaged to someone else by the time I told him, but I got it off my chest, and that was the first step to the healing process. I haven't spoken to him since, and I'm ready to move on with my life. I know now that we were meant to be, but we were not meant to be forever, and not being with him has given me the freedom to do all kinds of things that I couldn't otherwise. Everything has a purpose.

    Anyway. I guess I'm kind of rambling, but I think that the dreams you're having just have to do with your feelings for him...It's not necessarily that you're meant to be together, it's just a reflection of your feelings. Now all that you can do is decide how you manage them.

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