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    Default Detachable wings, memorials, and taquito's... wtf?

    "I've Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas" Was playing and I was getting ready to go out with a friend here at school and some other people for a night on the town. I'm at a bar/club, we're dressed up in button up's and such. I don't remember exactly how, whether via phone or intuition but I'm notified my ex-fiance has just passed away and all I can think about is I want to see her face one more time. I missed the funeral and next thing I know I'm back at my mother's house back in Town A.

    I leave my mother's house in Town A and literally fly with huge white feathered wings that attach with a very large belt around my waist from my aunt's house to Town B, which is where I grew up (at least that's what it felt like).

    Weird part number 1 - My aunt lives in the same town as my mother in Town A in real life, so this feels a little unnatural in the dream but for some reason I accept it and move on... ?

    There was a memorial out front in a gazebo of my ex but it's being worked on, like painted and built so I can't go in just yet. I'm observing this as I flew around the street at about 50ft off the ground for a while with tears in my eyes. Had some trouble with the landing as if I couldn't descend to the ground. (I don't recognize the neighborhood I'm in but it felt familiar in the dream) I finally landed to go talk to my aunt. She had tears in her eyes when she opened the door, as did I, but she was glad to see me. I take off the wings from around my waist and set them aside, can't remember where just that I had trouble setting them down as I didn't want to knock anything over. I'm walking through the house and I lglance up the stairs for a moment to see someone with strawberry blonde hair who I assumed to be my cousin, out of the corner of my eye. She's standing at the banister looking down. I never really see her face and I have a warm feeling that I'm glad she's there and I want to spend some time/talk with her.

    Weird part number 2 - Why would I go to my aunt's house for my ex-fiance's funeral? Sure some parts of my family said she felt like family but I don't think she's met my aunt more then a handful of times. No where near often enough for that part of my family to be this distraught over her death. Ok moving on....

    No sooner then I arrived did I leave and I can't remember specifically why. I'm back at my house where I grew up, also in Town B, and my mother is cooking and getting ready for a party. I'm looking for cookie dough, can't find any, so I survey the kitchen looking for something to eat and I come across a small rolled up and stuffed corn tortilla that smells really good. (I'm assuming it's a taquito, never actually had one though.) So I grab it, some meat falls out the back as I bite into it onto the bowl of the rest of them and some tortilla chips. I try to dip what's left of the taquito in it as if to clean it up (lol not sure why I would do that. I consider myself a fairly neat person.) and finish off the taquito feeling satisfied the mess will correct itself. So I head upstairs and lay down someplace that feels like my old room and start crying hysterically. I keep thinking, I hope my brother in the next room doesn't hear me as I'm repeating out loud, "How do I move on?" After a few crying fits of this, I get up and change my boxer briefs because for some reason they're all sweaty and loose and put the rest of my clothes back on to go back downstairs.

    Weird part numebr 3 - I change my boxer briefs but I have the distinct feeling I'm fully dressed so though osmosis or some form of magic, I change my boxers through my clothing. Granted I sleep in just boxers and they weren't any more loose than normal when I woke up and they weren't soaked in sweat either. This part stuck out for some reason.

    I have the intention of going back to my aunt's house to get some closure on the whole thing but not sure if I'm going to use my wings to fly there, drive with my little brother (who loves to drive), or drive myself. Don't remember it all but I remember if I did drive I was gonna put my wings in the back. I'm deliberating this when I awoke.

    Weird part number 4 - I don't remember the sequence for which this happened but I remember at one point "praying" or at least talking out loud to God, saying something to the effect of "I see what you want now, I get it." Meaning that he doesn't want me to be with my ex but he didn't have to go to such extreme's. I've prayed multiple times for guidance in this situation and I feel like this is the answer I'm looking for but I have no idea what it all means. Of course when I woke up and had very strong feelings of confusion for the my ex-fiance and I'm not utterly lost as to what to do with this whole situation. I'm thinking an interpretation of this dream might help me down the right path. We've been broken up for at least 6 months now so and I have been struggling with what to do with her and this dream feels like it's pulling me in 2 different ways. Any help?

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    bump for response hopefully, and I had a dream directly after this there was a Tornado setting down right next to me and all the surrounding business' were now closed so I had to run down the street to the only open one. My legs were moving but I wasn't... My 3 friends were up ahead and just before the tornado turned the corner and would have been on top of me I woke up to a phone call cause I was late to class.
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