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Thread: Lost Soulmate ?

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    Default Lost Soulmate ?

    Hi all,

    this is my first posting here. Hope you are all well. Here's the thing, its a dream it's quite upsetting yet quite suprising!? I have the same dream or dream about the same person at least once a week.

    Ok, some background info. 10 years ago I was 18 and in an amazing relationship with what I would have described as my perfect lady. She was everything I could ever ask for. More to the point I felt as if we were meant to be, weird hu, anyhow we ended up splitting up, mostly through stupidness and parental disagreements.

    So over the last 18 months I have been having re-occuring vivd dreams about the said lady. The dreams are a variety of things. Sometimes sexual, sometimes fun other times we are just painting walls in a house or having a picnic by some random lake. We go for walks or I visit her in her house with my family.

    It's almost like I'm living a differetn life when I am asleep and I'm not sure if this means something. I'm back in contact with her again after an 8 year gap. What to do? Tell her what I am experiencing? I've not told anyone for fear that they make me do something I would regret.

    Any advice would be gratefull
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    Hello.I'm new here as well.You're dreams piqued my interest because I've experienced something similar.Some questions,please:
    -Are your dreams in a timeline or are they pretty much random?
    -Are your dreams about events from the past or new events that you've yet to experience?
    -Did you choose to get back in contact with this lady or did that happen by chance?
    -Does "something I would regret" mean that you fear losing contact with her again?

    If you feel that your dreams are visions of future events then you might ask her if she's had any similar dreams or premonitions before telling her about your dreams.The fact that some of your dreams are about mundane,everyday types of things is a good omen I think.For now,perhaps you should just try to get an idea of how she feels about you and your relationship before you tell her anything.If you are confident that she feels the same way as you do then you can go from there.

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    Default hmm

    well i've been dreaming of my long hair soulmate since i was 5 soo its been 15 years now in 2008 the dreams starting picking up ..i've dreamed about him a few times every month. my heart tells me he is real and looking for me to. does your heart tell you to go for it or does it say wait? i'm sure your pretty smart but smarts doesnt help with this sort of thing, just listen to what your heart wants.

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