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    so pretty much what you are all saying is that you remember your dreams briefly and unexpectedly and they cause you to feel sick right?
    i would say that the nauseous feeling might come from the unexpectedness of the episode.
    i may have had something like this happen to me before but i don't remember exactly because it was long ago.
    i don't know if this will help much but thats just what i see in my perspective

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    Default i had that without the sick feelings

    Once i had a dream of a camp that looked like japanesed styled. A week or so later we went to camp. The camp looked exactly the same as it was in my dream except for the japanese style. THere was a basketball court, lake and lots of trees. I didn't feel sick in anyway though.

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    Default Memory dump is a good description

    Quote Originally Posted by Ebenezer View Post
    This phenomenon started a couple of years ago. It occurs every couple of months. During the day, I will have feelings similar to deja vu. Something will trigger me, a word, a situation, a sight, and I will have a brief flash of memory of something similar. The first few times it happened, I thought I was having deja vu and remembering past real-life events. Pretty soon, however, I realized I was remembering dreams I've had in the past. This only lasts for a day, sometimes two. It starts not long after I wake up and lasts all day. I'll remember the briefest flash of a dream, not even enough to get hold of. Then as the day progresses, more and more flashes of past dreams come into my head, sometimes coming fast and I am able to actually recall dreams from my past. If the flashes come too quickly, I feel physically ill: dizzy, nauseous and almost like I'm going to have a panic attack.

    I've always been able to recall my dreams, usually every morning. Not always, but usually. I really don't like being able to recall dreams so easily, as it makes me feel I didn't get good, restful sleep. I haven't been able to find anything about this weird phenomenon. I realize it sounds weird and like I'm some kind of lunatic, but I wish it would go away. It's almost like my brain is saying, ok I have enough remembered dreams in here, it's time to dump them.
    I have been looking for someone who has experienced this. I am pre-menopausal and noticed that I would experience a "taking over" of my conscious mind by my subconscious flooding my head with recalled thoughts and images from dreams I would eventually recognize as dreams from my past. The "taking over" has happened 5 times, and each time was a day or two before my period was due. The other similarities in the events are that I would be getting ready to go somewhere - work or outing - , and I would be thinking of the things I had left to do (kinda going over a list in my mind) and I would get a sort of tunnel vision and start remembering things I wasn't trying to remember and then I would recognize them as recurring dreams I had long ago, and they were very familiar settings as dreams, but I was never able to remember them while awake. I realize they are dreams being recalled, and then they fade and the tunnel vision goes away and I am sick to my stomach and I cannot remember the details of the dreams I was just recalling while wide awake.

    I have read that hormones effect memory, and I also have noticed the pattern of the events taking place right before my monthly cycle, and I just started experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms in the form of night sweats this past June. The first memory dump occured in August 2010 and then each month after that thru December 2010.

    Please let me know how you are. I don't think there is reason to worry. I am just making sure I don't go over "to-do" lists while driving.

    I try to keep pencil and paper all around the house and am treating it like a game, trying to get some of the dream details written down. The tunnel vision won't cooperate, though. I was sitting at my computer shutting it down one morning before leaving for work, and there was paper and pencil right there and I couldn't snap out of the trance and write anything down.

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    i can remember past dreams... just randomly through out the day whenever something whether it be a n emotion/ feeling/event/objects.. that remind me of something.. its totally normal for me.. but for you.. having panic attacks it a total new thing.. i think you should have yourself checked........................................... ..

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    Hi there,

    Sorry about the length of this.
    I read your post and I think I have some info for you. I have the EXACT thing happen to me regularly. I THOUGHT I was alone! (What haven't I experienced yet in the dream world? ah ha, shared dreams..)...I am not pre-menopausal at age 30. I usually get the old dreams' recall when it is getting late and "past my bedtime". However I have had them earlier on in the day also. NOW here is the possible explanation(s)...(I haven't really figured out exactly why it happens though) 1. A most logical reason and the one I accept, is that your subconscious IS merging with your consciousness and that creates SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS. This is where you are fully aware of your spirituality or you are GOING to start becoming very spiritual. It means you get to access the important dream symbols while you are awake to decipher the messages right then and there!

    You most likely also have pre-cognitive dreams, if you have recognized one before, I don't know. You are probably a very giving person, very caring, and are always doing for other people. Thats why armageddon will start to work on the easiest people, to convert them. The 2nd possible explanation, and one I highly dismiss as the particular cause of "dreaming" while awake... Is that I have an alternate theory of schizophrenia (and I am a bit trained in psychology), that maybe people develop this psychological disorder due to faulty wiring in the brain, and the encoding, storage and retrieval process during dreaming is not exclusive to consciousness for them.

    Somehow the schizophrenia sufferer is getting the dreams bombarding them throughout the day, hearing voices, listening to them, being fully involved in the scenarios in their heads. It would explain why the sufferer's behavior is so bizzarre and bad sometimes. I mean none of us would really kill someone even though our dreams will make us. Thats why we are paralyzed during REM sleep normally. But when you are awake, there is no paralysis and the REM seems to happen anyways with schizophrenia. That is just my theory. I know for a fact that I am not schizophrenic by any means, and therefore I stand by the first explanation. I hope it offers some insight. This might be off the wall but it has it's own validity... Most people believe armageddon is going to happen here on earth... but Armageddon is actually a spiritual battle, not on earth, but affects us here on earth. The cleaning up of people's minds of the earth as mentioned in the bible, IMO, seems to actually be going on now. The bible states it will take 1000 years also, it seems that it WOULD take that long with almost 7 billion people here.. Just know the creator would not create something to destroy it. The soul must learn to get off this planet and return to the heavens as it was intended to do. We cannot get our souls released from karmic debt here, unless we become entirely selfless and learn to let go of everything that makes us "earthly".

    The only rule for everyone is love everyone and the creator no matter what. Keep on giving love and forgiveness and never give in to the self/Ego. Let go of materiality, Love for the creator and other people reverses ALL bad karma. So pay attention to the symbols you get to remember, after these dreams have been forgotten(even unable to recollect right after waking from the dream) and dormant for so long, because there HAS to be information from them you need. The symbols, probably are pertaining to emotions, as when we are tired and overworked, we tend to neglect our emotional or physical well being. These recollected dreams are just to direct you to nurture your body, mind and soul.
    Please update...
    Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily life is but a dream....

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