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Thread: Soulmate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrallz View Post
    Lately I have been having dreams about this girl and the connection between us is extrodinary. I have to say that before these dreams I did not know what true love meant and I am just wondering if this might be a connection to my soulmate. Another strange thing about it is that these feelings continue when I wake up and I have a longing to find this girl.

    Its probably your soulmate. I read all the posts so far and I'd have to say I think Alice is the closest to it.
    I used to dream of someone to but they were my best friend in the dream, although we were scarily close. They were of the opposite sex though. I wanted for a long time to dream of them again, being as close as they were to me, I wanted them there again, but I'm starting to think about something Alice said. When you are supposed to meet someone you will. But you need to follow your heart and do what you think is right, that being trying to find her or just living your life as it is and knowing you'll meet her eventually.
    Also, if you want to talk about it, just PM me or post on here, I'd love to help. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliceinwonderland13 View Post
    Nah don't listen to em! Sounds like they just wanna keep u in check and grounded. I hate when people on these forums talk like they know everything. We don't know hardly anything, I think its safer to look for the truth within instead of without. If you feel this is your soulmate, she probably is. My advice to you is not to let it affect you TOO much in this life though...I've been having dreams of the same guy for 12 years! Just this week I had three about him, although on average its 1 or 2 a month. I feel he's my soulmate and I asked myself about it honestly; I deeply believe he's real and that we have a special connection, and I believe in this more than I believe in my own existence.

    One thing happened that gives me hope, and I hope it does the same for you too: a few years back I had a dream about being in this place, it was very very vivid. A year later I went to this town I've never been to before(Rome, Georgia) and I knew where everything was. I walked from the stripmall several blocks, winding around the streets until there I was, in the same place as my dream a year earlier! I swear to God this is real, I couldn't believe it at the time. The only difference was that there was two houses in the dream, one was boarded up and the other open(in real life the one that was boarded was open and vice versa). If you can dream about a place that turns out to be real, then I think the same goes for people. Now how did I find out about this place? Back when I was more spiritual, did some automatic writing which told me to go to Rome. I know it sounds insane, but its true, I'm not some saddo fantasist who gets her kicks from posting stories on forums.

    I find it does affect relationships as nothing can be as strong or deep as a soulmate connection; I guess we'll have to wait to meet our respective 'partners' when its meant to happen. I don't know about you but I'm trying to learn lucid dreaming so I can find him, know more info about him, if he's dead or alive(and if so where he is). If you believe in reincarnation, think about it: you share a deep connection with someone over several lives, suddenly you're in a life where they aren't present; you're gonna be pining for them. This can manifest in these dreams you're having; perhaps she's having the same ones about you?

    Are you writing down these dreams? Is there any clues in them that make this puzzle clearer?

    You took the words out of my mouth, I myself have been dreaming since I can remember about the same person and each year while I grew, he grew. it makes me feel like I've gone crazy and have stayed with my "make believe friend" for too long or that I'm just crazy. But then i have these dreams with him where at times it's silent, and the only thing I focus on is this great energy from him that's pulling me in like the hugest, strongest magnet in the world. I believe in reincarnation, I believe in soul mates, and I too have tried learning lucid dreaming but it seems so complicated... can you help? Perhaps we can help eachother??

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    Sometimes strangers in dreams actually represent ourselves, or something specific about ourselves. Like a mirrored image. Have you thought about that as a possibility yet?

    Personally, I do believe in soul mates. But I also believe you can have more than one soul mate, and that it is possible that you will never meet them. (I'm not big on "fate," surprisingly enough.)

    You're going to get different responses about this because soul mates tie in with religion, and people tend to let their religions cloud their thoughts. (Being that they might say it is or is not possible because of their own beliefs.) I think it could be something to do with soul mates, but the likeliness is.. low.

    Dreams exist to show us things about ourselves that we tend to over-look in waking life. Do a dream interview, sit down and ask yourself questions about the girl. For instance, "Does the girl represent myself or someone I know?" If you stumble across the right answers, you'll know. Dream interviews are great for this sort of thing because the correct answers will hit you like a ton of bricks. (Like "Oh! That's it!")

    Sorry if I'm not all that helpful right now!

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    I'm with Alice on this one. I'd also reassure you that like what she said, you will meet when you are meant to. If you ever need to talk about it or have questions you can message me, I know a lot about the subject.
    I hope all goes well and you meet her someday, good luck :)

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    Default Left and Right Brain Functions

    Since you say she is "just like me"... I'd consider she's your own inner feminine side wanting to be let out to play and acknowledged. If you go to this site:


    they have a wonderful chart showing left and right brain functions. Generally, males will be predominantly left brained while women are predominantly right brained, but in reality, we ALL have both sides, and over time, we need to develop both sides fully. The chart on this site is wonderful for being able to picture it all. I have a print-out of it on my bulletin board near my computer even.

    Lest you think that's less than having a soulmate, think again! She is there to help you develop all facets of yourself, which can only endear you to other women as well.

    All best!

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    I agree with Alice about writing them down. When you start writing it down on paper, you can look a little deeper into them and figure out smaller details you didn't notice at first.

    I myself have a guy that keeps showing up in my dreams, who I refer to as my "dream stalker." I have a lot of friends who do card readings and the like, and everything that's come up has said this guy is something similar to a soulmate... more like the guy I'm going to be with in this life (I view the soul as a learning vessel, and how can a soul learn anything new if it winds up with the same soul in every life?). Unfortunately, that is the most information I ever get. Any time I ask for any information about him, all I get is "mind your own business". I was even able to go into a lucid state in one dream and ask him point blank "Who are you?" Not only did he not answer me, but he tried to force me into another dream. And when that didn't work, he disappeared and I was left with a few people who also refused to answer my questions, one of which also told me to mind my own business.

    The most information I've ever gotten about whoever or whatever this person is is that he will appear when I'm ready (that's the kind way of putting it... they way it translates in every one of my friends' and even a couple of my own readings is that "when I get my crap together, he will appear.") Maybe that's relevant for you too?

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    I keep dreaming of a man. Dreamt of him since I was fifteen. you remember a tree? (It's been five years, looking for this guy, so pardon me if I come off a little crazy. Point is, you dream of a girl that you can't remember any details about - and I remember only a tree, dark hair, and dark eyes. ^_^ Ring any bells, mister?)

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    Default for adult only. please.

    if you dream you have sex, it means you are makeing a deal, a favor, bussiness...........etc.
    if you have orgasm. (a liquid comes out ). just forget about the dream.
    this is not a dream at all. (God knows best and good luck)

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    Default soulmate

    this dream means that your becoming more aware how much it mean to be in peace and love with yourself.your becoming more and advanced and secure with who you are.your spirit is feeling release from ignoranceand guilt. only god can cause this,so give him thanks and give him glory.amen

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