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    I haven't read anything on here yet, but the numbers 717 are a good sign.

    616 is an evil sign.

    It may be that you are a follower of Christ, or one of God's chosen.

    We are in the end times now, and Christ and his angels return to the planet earth with a massive army (however you want to picture it) Extra-Terrestrials, etc... Its true.

    God bless you all, the time of change is here, some will take it, some won't. The good are being made pure right now, and the wicked will do wickedly.

    Read "2 Timothy 3"

    And any other bit in the bible, its all valuable info. Just wanted to inform you all, this is the truth so I'm not here to debate anyone.

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    I, too had similar encounters with time on a clock. For me it wasn't a specific number, but the numbers would all be the same. For example; it would be 3:33 or 4:44. I, too felt that there was some kind of connection that I was supposed to see and it was during my Christ-seeking years when I was in turmoil and looking for an answer.

    However, I never found one set answer that would solve the worlds problems, and you have to realize that what you seek is what you'll find. If you are seeking Jesus, you will find Jesus, but only because that is what you are conditioned to and wanting to see.

    I believe the universe or god is letting you know that there is a plan, that there is an order. And that you must find your role or look inwardly and discover the truths about your self.

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    hey, here's an idea. How about you look up all versus in the bible that are 717? Probly to much work but just a random popping idea...

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    Smile The numbers thing

    Ok, I see the 11:11, 1:11, my girlfriend started seeing 7:17, then I started seeing it, I used to see, (but haven't in a long while) 12:34. Yes there are a lot of verses that relate to oh.. stop a second this is so weird...went to look up the 11:11 in John...first thing I went to at the top of my page was...12:34.....That was wild!!! John 12:34 The multitude therefore answered Him, "We have heard out of the Law that the Christ is to remain forever; and how can You say "The Son of Man must be lifted up?" Who is this Son of Man? This verse means~They could not contrieve of the Heavenly Son of Man being lifted up to die. (couldn't believe or didn't know him) The next verses that follow to this are 12:35-50. To long to write so you'll have read all yourself,but it definatly tells of finding Christ and to spread the Word.
    I have checked out quite a fews verses petaining to these #'s, and found some excellent verses. It is strange thing so many seeing these #'s! Happy hunting!!

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    Smile Mr Zim

    A lot of churches don't talk about it. Most of them are to be considered "dead churches" Some are still good, but they rob their elect for not teaching it. Did you ever hear of Jack Van Impe or Hal Lindsey? They have both dedcated their lives to studing the prolific "end times" (which is not the end of the earth, it is the end of the age, HUGE difference, life will go on forever) anyway, they are both excellant and both have great websites. I know as a Christian, if I had never of heard or read for myself, I would have to say I would not feel very comforted and a bit hopeless. That's the whole plan, He's coming back! but, you need to know WHERE you are, on His side or NOT. Matthew 7:21 "Not everyone who says to Me "Lord Lord" will not enter the kindom of Heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in Heaven. Many will say to me on that day "Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and cast out demons and in Your name perform many miracles? "And I will declare to them, I never knew you, depart from Me, you who pratice lawlessness.' ~ Meaning~ Obediance to God comes first. There's alot to know and it takes time, but definatly worth every second. Didn't mean to go on so long, just wanting to help explain a bit. I know where your coming from, I've been there myself. Take care....

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    Default I'm seeing different number sequences

    What keeps comming up over and over again are the following sequences and they get more frequent and closer together like birth pangs the closer the inauguaration gets, they are:


    here's what I find interesting; on a keyboard the number 4 equals $ (which is a symbol for money)
    6 is the ^ sign (6 is the number of MAN, and ^ means LOOK UP! also it is to accent a certain pronouncation, most often in European languages like French and Spanish)
    1 is an explanation point ! for emphasis...

    Money Money Money (or MAMMON MAMMON MAMMON)
    3 MEN (beast, anti-christ, false prophet?)
    look up, your redemption drawth neigh...

    This is just speculation on my part, I have no ideas what these numbers are for.
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    Psalm 112:5
    Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely, who conducts his affairs with justice.

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    Default 1111 Explanation

    Good morning everyone. I too have been seeing the triple numbers and 1111. You can find tons of information if you google 1111. Here is a good link.
    111 and other triple numbers Explained on
    "Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself." ~ Chief Seattle

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    Default i want to thank all the responses

    :clapping: I want to thank everyone who took the time out to respond to my posting . Im glad to know im not the only one who sees dream sequences the troubling part is when i google it they are same number sequence explanations. one night i was reading the bible as recommended by a friend i had told about a recent dream . In Revelations in a revised bible not the KIng James Version. and on the page it spoke about the mark of the beast. As i was reading i seen a reference to Exodus 7:17 and just got the thought to maybe read it... wondering if it was a god send .. the passage ( Thus Saith the Lord, In this Thou shalt know that I am the Lord: behold, I will smite with the rod that is in mine hand upon the waters which are in the river, and they shall be turned to blood.) I am kinda puzzled about it cause i dont know what smite means but thats why google is around any thoughts on that chapter or should I do like Zim read every 7:17 ,. which i may do anyway as i need to learn His Word thoroughly Im sure ever 7:17 has something that can only help in my learning. I am also born on July 17 could that be a reason why i can notice it so much? but even then everysingle day looking at the time at a.m. and p.m. still boggles me
    Peace & Blessings

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    Arrow Mad at the numberS please someone click it off of this View

    after i posted ^^^^^^^^^^ this message i didnt notice i was the 17th post then i come back to read more posting and my view count is trip 6 omg I need some views this number must change please Jesus!!! Help me out on this one. Im feeling really uncomfy by that. i know that I havent been at my best but i know if you accept me and change what needs to be changed whatever the cost. I will redeem myself and be your true cleansed soldier

    Any thoughts anyone just click it
    view please
    Peace N Blessings In Jesus Christ .!!!

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    Default An ANSWER! 11:11

    For those who are still seeing the numbers; 11:11, 1:11, 9:11, or 19:11 LISTEN UP! (I still am)
    I found something that explains alot why we keep seeing those is a warning.
    THIS is what I found, Pay attention to what happens during 4:36, 6:19, *7:55* & 8:47 on the clock.

    Remember this Video may not last very long before its taken down.

    YouTube - Pt. 9/9: From 2008 to 2012. The finishing of the 9/11 UN/NWO

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