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    Default Re: 3 moons in my dream!!!!

    I have to share the dream I had last night. My dream was as clear as a bell . I knew many people in my dream and some were strangers. I saw my father who passed away almost 10 years ago. It felt good to see him!
    I dreamt I saw 3 moons in the sky they were bright and clear very large and all in a row and to the right our sun It was mid afternoon around 2 O'clock People were gathered around what seems to be my beachfront property.
    I was the only one focused on this phenomenon. I told Mike look at the The 3 moons and slowly they all became one. There was a feeling of a calmness but then all of a sudden our moon was destroyed as if a giant missile hit it on target. Everyone was watching this unfold.
    People were in utter chaos and then I woke up .. Has anyone else dreamt of 3 moons and a sun? .

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