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    Default 3 moons n my dream and disaster.

    So Ikeep having these dreams, about disasters happening n the world and in my dream I look up to the sky and I see 3 moons ..there so CLOSE TO THE EARTH..i remember feeling some kind of emergency panic . In some dreams I am near water and the Ocean Rises and is flooding the city . In one of my dreams i could contole the tide with my hands but i had toomuch power and couldnt calm the water. In others Im away from home and a HUGE EARTHQUAKE happens where im looking formy loved ones trying to get towards my house ....Ive had many dreams like thislately although some alittle different I always see the 3moons.

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    Question Three Bells Three O Clock

    I also had very odd thing to happen on December 23 CST at 3 am. I can not understand what this mean at all. I was awaken by the sound of three bell tones. I just got up went to the living room and for what ever reason. I looked at the wallclock it was exactly 3 am cst in the United States. This may of happen to other people. I would really like for someone to please help me with this enigma. And by the way this clock does not have a setting were it would let you know the time by any tones at all.

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    Default 3 moons.. 5moons?!

    Just The Night Before Yesterday, i had a dreamt.. I was walking down the void deck and I see 3 moons in a baby blue sky.. 2 full blue moons and 1 crescent moon (smiling position).. It was so beautiful and at the same time my mind say to me.. "Finally I see the moon again.." and in the dream.. I captured a photo of it.. it wasn"t clear and I wanted to took another one then I woke up..

    and last night! I dreamt the same thing.. But this time round.. There is total of 5 moons.. 4 full and 1 crescent.. in the dark sky and in the dream I was telling my friend that i saw the other 2 full and 1 crescent moon before.. then again I woke up .. xD

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    Default I have a recurring dream of 12 moons - dreadful dream

    i have had the same dream. I've had it 4 times now. In my dream, it's always dark out, late at night. And i look up at the moon and am in awe because it's so beautiful and bright, very bright. Then i realize that there is another moon just below it, then another and then another. All of them forming like a halo of moons in the dark sky. At this point, a feeling of dread sets in and then the panick. I try to warn people but they are more fascinated by the many moons. In my dream, i'm sad because they are almost glorious, but I also know some how they are a prelude to something dreadful.

    Quote Originally Posted by versifier View Post
    This is the second time that i have seen 12 moons in my dream... and it wasn't a good feeling.. they were hanging over us... in diferrent sizes and some of them were broken??!!? We were all trying to escape from their light...
    I wish there was some kind of intrepetation...:confused:

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    Default 3 moons

    Are you interested in what the 3 moons signify? View my website at Blank I will post the answer under the Nostradamus section which is currently being written.

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    Default You will find 3 moons on my website

    What do the 3 moons signify? They basically signify 3 eclipses which researchers have indicated that we will have 3 solar eclipses from 1992 to 2012. Its like a universal awareness of that when certain things align, the sun and the mysterious dark core of humanity, this is the point of crisis. Read more on my website at Blank under Nostradamus Prophecy. You may be interested to know of the other ancient prophecies posted there as well.

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    this dream scares me. I have had it a few times already but last night was quite vivid. three moons in the sky, hauntingly similar to this:

    Quote Originally Posted by boyibboy View Post
    ... I looked the right of me out the window into the sky i noticed 3 full moons. Picture a triangle with out the lines just the points or dots of the corners. One on top the other 2 below. Thats how the moons were positioned in a triangle. The sky where the moons where was so beautiful no colors on earth can compare the the colors of the sky in my dream. The colors where colors of blue. I looked to the right of the moons in the sky. Here the sky was as it is on earth, dull. The reason i looked away. I noticed a cloud in the sky. Oh yea no clouds were in the sky. As i watched the cloud move on that second i turned to see this cloud a Big bright star appeared. Shining bright. One star. Nothing in the but that star...
    I too saw the 3 moons, cloud swirling to the right and then the large bright star. I noticed the moons first as well, and I was not happy to see them. immediately I knew something was terribly wrong. I am afraid of this dream and the fact that others are having it, almost exact, is entirely frightening. I feel like this foreshadows something to come.

    this dream was paired with extreme horror but a strange acceptance. I flashed forward from the moon scene to my apartment. when the front door was opened I could hear screaming from outside.

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    Default my take on it

    something terrible is about to happen-I'm not sure if it matters whether it's a nuclear war, asteroid or earthquake- I think those of us having these dreams need to tell any who will listen to get ready for this change. The world as we know it is about to end BUT I don't think it's the end of the world.

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    Default A dream to wake you up, someones talking, are you listening?

    Your dream says a lot to me.... sounds as if the Lord was talking to you & you have to choose.... He put you on a narrow path (the road to heaven is a narrow road, the wide path leads to destruction) & you had to choose between the world or toward the beautiful meadow & the moons. (Father, Son & Holy Spirit?) The end of your dream sounded like part of the book of Revelation when Christ returns to Earth & all hell has broken loose... the world is at war & satan is at war with God for your soul. You have to choose....look in the mirror, where do you stand,where do you want to end up? Don't ignore this dream my friend, and don't wait to choose... tomorrow might be too late. You were blessed to have had this dream. : ) Laura

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    Default 2 moons

    Last night I dreamed of two moons. It happened as I was (in the dream) trying to walk out of my home town at night and I couldn't progress coz I kept falling over. I grabbed onto some branches on a hedge, but this was uncomfortable as they were like sharp thorns. I tried to walk forward and fell backwards, noticing a fairly normal half moon on its back in the top left of the sky. I grabbed the branches but fell again, this time noticing an absolutely huge blood red moon, lower down in the sky, and more in front of me. It was the biggest moon I've ever seen, but strangely I could only see half of it.

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