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    Default Just A Thought.....

    Hey Beeper :)

    I don't know if you are still reading these or not, but I agree.. I don't think I quite agree with the responses to your dreams either. I have been having almost the exact same dreams, and they re-occur. It has nothing to do with my father, my sleeping position, nor am I consumed star gazer.. I almost always feel ill when I see the odd chnges in our solar system. It scares me to tears and I am afraid. Last night, I had one where I saw 27 planets, in a pattern and each one I could see had 5-6 suns to each planet.. They were all inhabited by alien life forms that were about to destroy the people on earth and there was nothing I could do.

    I can only say that I THINK that it has to do with a personal bad experience that took place last night, but I am not sure as I can not narrow these dreams down to a particular bad episode..

    I highly suggest that you write the dreams down, as much detail as you can recall, in the way it happens in your dream (mine jump around all night) and then sometimes I will go back months later even, and see the symbolic start to take shape.

    Hugs and hope you figure it out.. If I have clue what mine is symbolic of I will pass it along. Maybe we have having similar situations..

    :) Liana

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    Beeper/Liana - these dreams are quite profound entries/insights into planetary consciousness beyond your own intrapersonal level. I understand the terrifying fear - you are encountering truly immense levels and qualities of energies here.

    Okay, I know I am going out on a limb here. Some will think this is mystical rubbish. Some choose to see all dreams exclusively as symbolic expressions of aspects of the individual psyche. Some will see these as related to more prosaic causes: diet, physical posture in bed and so on.

    But you both suspect already that what you are experiencing is way beyond your own 'personal' psychology. Personally speaking, and amongst others too - I have to say these things you are talking about are indeed known of. There are three important aspects: (1) the 'looming' nature of the planets, which bears a sense of enormously stifling oppression caused by the incredible proximity of the planets to you. They seem to hang there in the void, pregnant and heavy but intensely alive. Right? And I'm guessing that you both are always on earth in these dreams (even if you are not seemingly aware of it at the time)? (2) the sense of feeling utterly overwhelmed by the sheer gargantuan scale of the planets. Hence the sickness, fear and weeping. And, (3) the undeniable knowledge that this is more profound, more 'real' than what passes for much of your waking consciousness. All makes total sense.

    Still, you might want to place all this in some context that makes sense to you. 'Planetary consciousness' is a wooly, nonsensical term to many. You might say it's just a phrase. So it is important to relate this - as in all things - to your current understanding of yourself and how you frame different modes of experience, awareness or dreaming consciousness. Interpretations always need to fit the conceptual system that each of us submits to.

    Please do post again, I would be happy to continue further if any of this makes sense. Be assured though, these are not at all dark things in and of themselves. In fact, quite the contrary. I do sympathise though - I know what it is to be shaken up by this!

    P.S. Black peppercorn ice cream? Now that actually doesn't sound too bad at all....!
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    Question What does it mean when I dream of really big planets up close??

    Ok....I usually do not dream a lot...or remember my dreams. But just recently I had this amazing dream!
    I've only had this dream once.... but it's SO beautiful. In it, I am outside,it is dark and I can see these planets lined up. The only one I really had rings. They are HUGE and all right there in front of me! The colors are gorgeous..and it seems so real. In the dream I'm not really scared....I'm just in awe. But I do have this feeling that something big is about to happen...and the other people in my dream are freaking out and running around. Do you think this dream has any special meaning(s)? I have tried looking up online...but haven't found anything.

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    I started having dreams similar to this about a year ago.

    I remember the very first one with a lot of detail, some of it was silly and non-sensical, but I'll keep that to myself as it is of little importance (a lot to do with buying new shoes, my favorite band being present, and santa clause unveiling himself). It is by far much different than the last two I've had (which would total in three in the last year).

    I just remember that it was snowing, it was december, and I was having a really good time. All of sudden it was night time, the sky was filled with stars but was sort of glowing red at the edges/horizon. I remember having this feeling, ya know that "knowing" feeling, that this is how it is, there's nothing to say why, you just know. The feeling was that it was the end of the world, and we were at the very edge of the universe, and we were colliding with another earth, a parallel earth, or a planet very much like earth. And I saw it, it was HUGE in the sky, but beautiful at the same time. Earth colliding with earth. And than of course I woke up.

    The last two dreams I've had are almost identical to each other but very different from the first.

    In these dreams the sky is very "dusty" if that means anything. Sort of orangy yellow, but dusty. There are at least two HUGE round objects in the sky, the same color as the sky, but darker, and sort of gray as well, especially around the edges. It's hot, much different from the first dream where it was cold and snowing. In these dreams these ARE planets from outerspace, and they came to us very quickly, but at the same time, they are sort of like satellites. They're being used to watch us, to listen, but by who I don't know, but they are there on purpose. Once again, they ARE planets (that "i just know" dream feeling). They don't stay stationary in the sky either, they move about. Them being so close they start to mess with the planet. I remember being in a house with some family, some friends, random people I'm acquainted with, and every so often it's like someone is shaking the earth, and we're flown from one side of the room, to the other, and smash against the wall.

    When I walk outside of the house, onto the lawn, to look at these objects I feel tremendous fear, I have no trouble looking at them, but it is TERRIFYING.

    I guess I don't know what else to explain. But I feel where your coming from.

    These dreams are unlike anything I've ever felt before, anything i've ever dreamt of before.

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    Default Dream of large planets

    Dear Beeper 2001:Gads I don't know how i missed your post for so long. There is an entourage of one large planet (larger than jupiter) with 7 moons rapidly approaching our solar system, That formation also involves a large dust cloud of hemitite iron ore which somewhat obscures its image. Photographs of the formation taken from the soho satellite can be viewed on the web. For your information he soho satellite is focused on our sun to examine solar prominenses or emissions. To blank the sun out to study these promineses a blue disc is placed over the suns surface at the 4 o'clock position of the sun you will observe the winged disc planet formation of one large planet and 7 moons. To view these photographs with your search engine plug in the word zetatalk, next newsletter section, next archives, next Feb 14 2010 date. Now this planetary assembledges is called planet X, nibiru, shiva, the planet of crossing, or the lord of hosts (for christian tradition), it passes through our solar system every 3,600 years. Basically its passages create world choas every 3,600 years. Which states we have an end of the world event every 3,600 years which decimates the worlds populations by somewhere between 50 to 60% paticularly in coastal areas as one might surmise. So theres every reason to fear this beast so to speak. Now the Angels or Announaki extraterristials occupy this planet so its likely we will encounter them during this epoch. However its nearest first pass of earth space is not due until the year 2150 or later. The 2012 date is when our solar system will be directly exposed to the emissions of the black hole in the center of our galaxy. As we are rapidly approaching this area now earths protective shield our magnetosphere is in rapid breakdown. This breakdown will allow in UV energies which will alter our dna matrices from 2 to 13 strands. This alteration will enhance our telepathic, clairvoyance and telepathic abilities and we shall be in 4th demensional space or "the kingdom of heaven" by Dec 21, 2012. Best Regards.

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    Default wow

    it kind of feels good to know that there are other people having similar dreams as i am. I too have had a dream where massively enlarged planets surrounded me. And it honestly scares me.
    When i have these dreams, i feel really sick too, like im going to vomit. Also, in my dreams, im usually the only one to notice that the planets are getting closer, and when i tell my mom in my dreams, she never believe me.
    My most recent one happened last night; all the planets were aligning and i could see it from the roof of the house, and all the planets in our solar system were falling into the sun, and in the dream when earth was falling, i had the same sensation in my stomach that you get when you're on a roller coaster. Its so realistic, all the physical and mental sensations.
    I really wish i knew what this meant, because it keeps recurring, and its very frightening, as well as astonishing.
    sorry this isnt more of a helpful post, hah

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    Exclamation Again, Me Too

    Its very interesting to me that over the past two nights, I've had intense dreams that other people are having. Here is last night's:
    I dreamt I was riding in a car with a group (unknown). It was night. We saw an planet rising on the horizon. It was bright. It was huge. Someone said "its too bright, don't look". I ignored that. I was sooooo close to the enormous planet. I said " Thats Venus" with undoubted certainty. I think it was Venus passing between the Moon and Earth. The moon was smaller and behind it. Again, It was magnificent. As it passed by, the magnetic/energy vibrations could be felt. It was a sideways, back-n-forth (tight) vibration, almost as if one planet or the other had potential to shoot off sideways. Neither did. The energy stayed together. It rose above and continued its orbit. In dream, I said " Wow. That is literally the first time I have ever felt the Earth moving through space, and it moves sooo fast!". It was a very positive, enthusiastic dream.

    Anyway, if you searched this forum for "tiger", you'd see my other posts. I'm an astrology hobbyist, and I'm entering a major regenerative shift due to a Pluto transit. Here some stuff I've found on Venus/Planet Dreams:

    Venus, the planet may be seen rising in the east along with the sun and is known as the Morning Star. It also sets in the west and is the Evening Star. Due to the way this plant travels across the sky, it is often a symbol of death and rebirth. It is associated with the sun and considered to be the sun's messenger and an intermediary between the sun and mankind (between mortal and the impartial).
    If you are feeling drained by life, the planet Venus may be a representation of the ability to regenerate and begin anew(exact words to describe a strong Pluto transit!!). Seeing Venus in a dream may be a reminder that there is an abundance of internal energy and resources accessible to all that tap into it.

    To see a planet in your dream, signifies creativity, exploration, and new adventures. You may be trying to align yourself with untapped energies that you never knew you had.

    I hope we can discuss this further.
    Also, your inability to look at the planet may indicate that you are avoiding or refusing to face an internal fear/struggle that the Universe really wants to help you with.

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