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    Question What does this dream mean?


    Can anyone please tell me what does it mean to see that some bought an apartment for me and seeing that my best friend wanted to buy an apartment in the same building. She bought one too and came to visit mines work was still going on. She cam and started saying why didnt you tell me how big your apartment was? Whats the square feet? I said i didnt. I had no clue. She said its lot bigger than mines I am not going to stay in my apartment that i bought because your one is bigger and lot better than mines. I walked around with her and saw the entire apartment was painted green along with the bathroom tiles, and all the walls. I asked her why green I should come earlier before they this. The whole house had wooden antique work done... The kitchen cabinets , the shelves, the wardrobes everyone from kitchen, to living room to everywhere.
    WHat does this mean????

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    Is this person your best friend in real life? If so, either your friend is terribly jealous of you . . . or you simply have the perception that she is jealous of you.

    If this person was your best friend in your dream, but you don't know anyone like this in real life . . . then she may represent an aspect of your own personality. This would mean that you are the one with the jealousy issues.

    Anyway . . .

    You feel that your friend wants what you have. She may be envious of your material wealth, popularity, career success, your marriage, your looks, your personality . . . it could be one of these things, all of them, or a combination. Her desire to possess what you possess is born out of resentment, not admiration. She is fed by a competitive and obsessive need to outdo you.
    You may be totally misreading her motivations--still, this is your perception.

    The apartment, which was painted entirely in green, reinforces my opinion about your dream because green is the color of envy.

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    A house means a partner or some money.
    If a house was bigger means your livelihoods will increase.
    Green means honesty and morals.
    Wood means someone liar and discord.
    Dreams are scenes of daily day happenings in real life when interpreted will come and pass.This may happen in the near future in a few days to a month or two.
    People are asleep, when die they will wake up.
    42. God takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep; then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the others back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.

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    Your dream conveys that your subconscious mind has much valuable information it it's storage. This information will help you with a situation at hand, if you take time to listen and learn what the dreaming mind (same as subconscious mind) is saying. Your future looks bright and it looks as if prosperity awaits you.

    This is if you friend does not have envy on her mind.


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    well trey to see the theme of the dream. Its linked to someone not wanting something they have because yours is better. Try to link emotions to that... jealousy does stand out... and copying... mimicking.

    Try to see how such themes relate to real life. somehow this theme links to real life. Maybe its you who is copying? Maybe its your friend. But in some way this dream theme links to real life. So what happened specifically the day before. many dreams simply capture some theme in real life. Some prominent emotion or some point you have clarified. If you were to translate this theme into real life then maybe it translate this way

    "Yesterday I was really just copying my friend. I should stop doing that. Its just silly"


    "Jane is always interested in what I do. She just seems to want to copy me."

    A dream is just a story. It relates to real; life in many possible ways. But there is only one answer but its impossible to say if the dream is about you spotting something in your own behavior or someone elses. It may even link to something that happened on tv

    Dreams seem to be linked to brain functions. The dream mind is a conceptual one in that it links to higher thinking. Ideas of an intellectual nature come from the dream mind. But emotional feelings are also part of our higher thinking. They too are quite sophisticated by nature. Dreams compare one thing to another. Dreams also tend to use any symbol in as deeper a way as they can. Therefor a war will hardly ever represent some actual war but will rather represent some symbolic battle within your mind or some relationship that is verging on warfare.

    These pages are especially helpful in showing you how to interpret dreams

    Dream symbolism and dream dictionary interpretation - How to interpret dreams Interpreting dreams
    Dream symbolism - How to use dream symbols Triggers for dreams
    Dream dictionary - A modern and well researched dream dictionary showing how symbols can be interpreted in practical analysis Dream dictionary

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    Default trouble...

    what does it mean when your friend over seas who you have never met in person has a dream that you were in trouble and that day your parents say that this year is going to be a bad year for you and you have to be careful because it could lead to death mean? :confused: :confused: help please



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