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    Default 3 disaster dreams

    Hi - I am not living in Florida though, I had three dreams about having disasters (not knowing where and what), but I can feel I was in city like area (probably manhattan)... I felt like now is the time of end of the world.

    What I did after I knew there is a disaster, I run to the church. I have the exact same dream three times in a row, but each time, I cannot catch the place, the incident. God bless America and us!

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    Default vision

    The angel asked you if you knew what to tell the church? Your replied, "Yes!" What are you to tell the church? Have you been doing what you are supposed to preach?

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    Your dream is freaky.

    A couple days ago, there was news broadcast that no one go in the beaches because you would get sick. I went to Hobe beach and I got salmonella.

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    Default Ive had a similar dream

    I really hope that it isnt so .. so we should all pray and hope that it was only a dream but in 2007 I too had a dream only it involved jesus he was gigantic and in the dream he stepped over the states as if they were tiles in the kitchen he was showing me he took care of the states the ones i seen him step over were california , nevada, utah all the states that could be possibly because i live in California .. I really hope this is a dream but if not we should be prepared for the inevitable

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    Default Florida dream

    That's a very intense dream/vision. You should definately do something about it I think (like what the angel told you to for example) You probably have by now since it's been a year or 2.

    All I can add about your dream is that the main word you saw "dissez" is possibly "disses"? If that is the case, that word is a word in French in the imparitif meaning SPEAK/TELL!

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    Default Armageddon

    I don't think the world is ending at all. But, people are trying to understand why these natural disasters have taken place. There won't be an armageddon, yet I can see why you feel afraid. Having faith doesn't hurt you when you feel afraid. Chances are that these dreams of yours are subconscious anxieties expressed in your sleep cycle. Try to remain calm and don't panic. The worst thing during trying times is to freak out and you need to stay cool and level-headed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladyg610 View Post
    It was about 5 am on Friday Jan 25, 2008. I was on my bed of course and I started having this vision. I saw a map of the US as if I was watching the weather channel. All of these words started appearing on the screen, the one that stood out the most was dissez, (I do not know what that word means or what language it is for that matter). At first I thought that God was showing me what the weather was going to be like, because in the state of Florida there were water marks, just as you see on the news when they are showing the weather and all of the words were pointing towards Florida. I started getting frustrated because I did not know what was going on. So I started saying what is it that you are telling me God, speak to me, I can't hear what you are saying. Then I saw an angel dressed in black flew over me and he said, "This is God's black angel, the death angel", and he was kneeling by my bed pulling on my hair, not to the point where it was hurting, but I just felt goose-bumps all over my head. So I started saying God have mercy on Florida, have mercy on Florida. (Just a side note, I live in Florida). Then I saw another angel flew by, he was dressed in white, and he said, "God is not only going to destroy Florida, He's going to destroy the entire states." He also came and kneeled on the side of my bed. He said to me, "do you know what to tell the church?" I said yes, yes. He said: "Make sure you tell them so that they can see when this happens." I started to cry and I was telling him no. He wiped my eyes and said "Don't cry." Then I woke up moaning and crying because it was so intense.

    Any idea of what this may mean will really help me. Thank you.
    I think your dream means "get out of Florida". Try going someplace that is at least 50 ft above sea-level - more won't hurt.

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    I believe this to be a vision more then a dream. God is revealing the events that are coming upon the earth not just Florida. Read revelation! It tells explicitly what is about to take place in these last days. Dissez is a play on words which means a time of dis-ease, not at ease or disease. Either way there are things coming upon the earth that we will no longer live in comfort. Like the scripture says the "whole earth growneth for the appearing of the Lord" (paraphrased) remember in Matthew there will be travail, wars, rumers of wars, famines in various places upon the earth. Be encouraged Jesus is our "prince of peace" if we have recieve him into our hearts. If you have a sense that you are to move then let that word be spoken by two or three witnesses that every word be established by confirmation. Fear not, Fear not!

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    It was interesting ladyg that you saw a map

    THere is a book called Prepare for the winds of change II by Nita Johnson

    At the back of the book Nita shares a vision the Lord gave her back in 1989.
    She was deep in prayer when it happened. All of a sudden she had an open vision. She saw this map of the united States of America and as she heard a voice speak to her differant parts of the map would light up and a line would show on the map as the judgements unfolded. Here is a brief detail of what she heard regarding Florida and surrounding areas

    "Then the next voice called out, Most of Louisiana and all of Texas will suffer natural disasters, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and enemy attack. The line shot up through New Orleans east of Baton Rouge, up through Shreveport in a kind of wiggly way then cut off all of Texas. Texas disappeared. Lousisiana experienced devastation but didn't disappear."

    I was ready for this to end, yet the Lord continued: New York, down through Pennsylvania, the Virginias, the eastern part of Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida will suffer natural disasters of every kind, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, etc and enemy attack. Then everything that was east of the line disappeared.

    Pages 175 and 176

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    Default Re: I really need some help interpreting this vision

    I have many dreams about the future. The Virgin Mary told me to get ready "Heatwave, heavy rain and strong flood are coming" I had dreams of of water contamination and the shaking of the earth that woke me up. In April 2007 I dreamt that the Crucifix was shedding tears, I asked why He was crying, His answer "A big catastrohe is coming". I have dreams of endless wars, drought, locusts/pests, diseases and lack of meat, butcher sells human meat. my dream on January 13, 2011; I saw 2 suns rising about 3-4 meters above the mountain peak and 3-4 meters their distance. They have the same size and their color is orangy, quarter of each part is black. When I posted this dream in this site, someone directed me to the other site where scientist discovered another planet/sun and is coming closer to earth.

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