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    Well some people consider psychic dreams a curse. Try not to see it that way. Of course dreams predict the future. There is nothing that you can do about it. This presence you feel may go away. But try to turn it into a positive thing . I am not sure how you would do that though

    Dream interpreting is not an easy task. In some ways its like trying to work out what subject inspired someone’s poem by studying the metaphors within it. It can be done though. But you only achieve any level of success when you interpret your own dreams.

    Generally dreams are very much in the present day. They will often represent specific thoughts either as we look back to the previous day or as we focus on the day to come. So a snake for example symbolises something bad and in the context of a dream analysis will generally point to some problem or trap either that you nearly fell into yesterday or that you worry about in the near future. But either way there are not that many problems and traps and difficult situations from yesterday. Usually you will be able to highlight one thing.

    So try to look at dreams simply. A good dream will show your happy state of mind and so thats really not that difficult to trace.

    The following pages above all help you to learn the basics of dream interpreting

    Dream dictionary interpretation - How to interpret dreams Interpreting dreams
    Dreams analyzed Triggers for dreams
    Dream dictionary symbols - How to analyse and interpret dreams Dream dictionary

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    Default Deja Vu dreams

    I have dreams of the future too. My mum only just told me that my granddad used to have them too.
    When I was younger there were a lot stronger than now, one time on the bus on the way in to school I was overhearing a conversation between two kids and I knew exactly what they were saying before they said it (this went on for about 20-30 seconds. It really freaked me out.
    I'm begining to record my dreams now and illustrate them just to keep track of how accurate they are.
    I normally run on a week or so delay, like what I dream of happens a week later. I have had dreams of distant future too when I have two sons and we are hiking up a mountain side.

    Have you ever experienced and telekinetic things happening in your life? I only ask because I did earlier in life (under meditation). not medication lol

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    Okay... I'm kinda freaked out, cause I can do the EXCACT thing you can do and I'm crying for help too!!!!! omg Im only 12 though... It's really freaky cause it happened today and last week and it's been happening since I was 10 or something.... plus , my brother and my dad can do that too!!!!!! I'm REALLY freaked out... It's realy depressing for me cause NOBODY believes me... (SIGH) HAve you found anything useful? PLease help me if you know something that might be useful. Thanks
    ps; I can' t remember the dreams.... but they only go on for a few seconds... ( IM SOOOO FREAKED OUT)

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    Default Hey Waves

    Quote Originally Posted by beezy27 View Post
    I've been crying out for help about this for a while now and i decided to search the web for help. I dream my future exactly how it's gonna happen. I just don't know it's going to happen until it does. these events i dream happen exactly as i dream them. idream them years or days prior. The dialog with people, the people in the dreams, places, things, everything..... Even the direction the wind is blowing, types of cars, colors and types of clothes. This has been going on since i was a kid, but not like it has been in the past two years. And in the past month, it's become so intense, like , i have these moments 5 to 10 times a day now. And it's not just moments anymore, It's 10 mins. to an hour now! I never thought anything of it and thought they were just dejavus for many years, but in light of what's been happening, i now know it's more. It's really starting to scare me. It's to the point now where it's effecting my every day life. I need any feedback i can get. Please contact me by e-mail even. I'm a spiritual person (a christian) but i've seen enough in my life to not count stuff out if you know what i mean. Oh, and if this is any help, in the past month of the most intense episodes, i've felt a presence other than myself, almost like i'm being watched........... Help me someone.:confused:
    Well first of all I don't want to give you the wrong or unnecessary advice (like Job's friends gave him in the Bible :) ).

    All I can say is trust in God and ask Him to take control of your life. Also it's good to ask Him if these visions and dreams are coming from Him and not the evil one.

    It's also good to read the bible regularly ( something i need to do more often ;) )or for vision or dream interpretations because you get the TRUTH because sometimes websites, other peoples opinions and other books are good for support but may not contain the full truth.

    If you feel like you are being watched maybe you should ask two or more people who are mature in their relationship with Christ to pray for you and anoint you. If you feel frightened or confused by your situation, turn to God because He loves you and cares for you :)

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